Thanks, Prophet of the Highest God Jesus.

I love the way your Newsletter looks, and feel. I don’t how do you do it, but you are doing it! It’s a New York saying! Saying, that however you are doing what you are doing, it could not get any better, since the Lord is the one obviously giving you the direction.

It also, caught my attention, the simple short way that you expose your point, awesome! That’s great and it helps me a lot, and I really enjoy them. Thanks for having in your mail list. (Referring to: Word of the Week)

The truth is, that since I’ve spend so many years studying the word of God, and still spend hours of studying and investigating or researching to prepare my seminars, conferences or just a teaching, there is not many people that can get my attention, It’s not that We know it all, but we’ve develop a profound way of studying, to find the truth, that not all teachers have to present their themes. But somehow, there’s a few people that get my attention, and It feels great, to see myself in the position, were my students are, when I teach, sitting with a pen and pencil, like a kid asking for more candy, nothing satisfy them, they want more and more, and that’s how I feel when I read your studies, since there’s so much more behind the writings you do, I truly enjoy the inspiration and revelation that motivates you to write what you write.

This is not a note of encouragement, but a testimony, of how I can perceive the Holy Spirit backing you up, and inspiring you, to do what you do best, Serve him as a vessel!

Keep on going my dear brother in Christ, and don’t you ever stop doing it, since you might not get many feedbacks of your good job, but believe me, it has made a difference.