Subject: Re: ANGELS behind the CLOUDS

Hello Pastor Kent,

This article has suddenly rekindled my interest.

When I was a young boy on holiday in my rural village in the western part of Kenya. I was outside at night and saw a low lying craft full of lights and burning torches moving at a very steady speed, never seen anything like that in my life, tried to follow it running after it.

It seemed like I was the only one who saw it.I tried explaining it to my parents and family no body understood what I was talking about, never go to hear of any headline news! Being those days of little information and ignorance, simply shelved that aside, but that continued to bother me! What was that?

An airplane could not fly that low, and secondly, it was burning with lights and torches, some blinking with a droning that sounded musical! Maybe it was so far! But looked so close flying so low!

I wished you could draw a picture of what you saw.

It is unlike what I see today the UFO’s pictures.

Just wanted to let you know,