Hello Prophet Kent,

When I got my handkerchief I put it on my head and in seconds I felt a sense of overwhelming peace that I knew came from the Lord. After I short time with the handkerchief still on my head I believe I felt the presence of the Lord that was very reassuring. In my spirit I believe that God was with me and I would be healed. I felt His presence. It was amazing!

I have taken this handkerchief with me to work where it gives me a sense of peace and strength and I know I am being favored so that I can work longer hours than others which I get paid for and is an answer to prayer because I have prayed for financial increase. My supervisor supports me and allows me, not others, to work longer hours so that I have a bigger paycheck. I am new on the job and this is amazing to be favored on the job! I am greatly blessed by this handkerchief.

Financially, I am blessed because your prophesy also told me to take responsibility for anything I buy and because without the Lord’s leading, if I get myself into debt it will be me getting myself out. This has brought me great faith in the Lord because years ago I paid for a big new, and more expensive car that I did not need, and I probably should have kept my old car that was a Toyota, getting up there in mileage, and I made home visits with it as a social worker but the car still ran well.

I believe I have been led to your ministry to become one of your ministerial partners as I have taken classes online but learned God has a way of pulling you toward some person that He believes I can learn best from so that I must do what the Lord bids and contact you about ministerial instruction. I received the training for the ministry package today and am excited to get started.

I am greatly blessed by your offer of payments that has allowed me to enter the ministry, and help others know the words of the Lord to find their way out of harm, destitution, to be a vessel for Jesus’ healings to take place in others and to be a prophetic voice that will increase people’s belief that the Lord hears them and will lead them in some way. I know the prophetic ministry will take place online on your website but I feel your school gives me the tools I need to make a start in these things I wish to accomplish. It is a great blessing to be a minister, once I get the lessons completed and I feel this is God’s calling for me. So thank you, I’ll get started this very day answering questions in your School of Prophetic Knowledge.