I forgot what I wanted to tell you about your prophecy last April: You told me that wonderful things would take place as I would start to intercede for people Imagine when I met this Jewish sister on the internet just shortly after Christmas (when I asked God to send others here to do this work in this country with me / us). This sister belongs to a messianic Jewish church which is small. It is in Jerusalem. When we started to write each other, we found out that she was the answer to this prayer, as well as I was for her! She has such a big heart for Tyrol, the country in Austria where I live. She had a vision of many mountain tops that she would climb and look down. There were many who were joining in intercession and worshipping the Lord! It was a revival!

As I have these people here on my heart also and she loves us so much, and also she wants to come here in July to go to the catholic churches to preach Jesus I supported her in paying her trip and stay. She does not have the money to pay for all of this and God had just blessed me with this. So I promised to do something He would tell me. When God told Yehudith to get telephone books from here, from every little village to pray for each and every person in it I just could not believe it! I asked her to prefer my home village and pray for these 4000 souls.

Now we have appointed a time of prayer for everybody on our hearts and we truly are developing a friendship that the Lord works. If there is a revival taking place here God is even giving more and more people that we both know or get to know! It is exactly what you have prophesied almost a year ago.

God bless you!