Thank you for your teaching. I have seen you as one of my spiritual fathers. I am sorry. I know that God is the only Father/Teacher who abides within us. But he has used you to bless my life. The prophecies that I have from you are coming to pass. Even the one you spoke about in 2014 called the “New Birth” on the Elijah List, is coming to pass in a most glorious way. It is nothing short of the hand of Almighty God. God is turning everything around for Good!

I will be forever, forever grateful for the Leadership of the Holy Spirit in this way. And I just have to tell you and show you, even if it’s not much. It’s just in my heart and I can’t help it. My soul does magnify the Lord!

Many Blessings on your team and for the Gathering, I agree with all of you – the best is yet to come! As Christ the Head leads the way!
Your Friend in Christ,