Dear Pastors,

You will never know what a big part you have played in my life. I have held on to your prophecies and have warred over them, as Paul told Timothy.

Pastor Kent – you spoke a word on the Elijah List on Jan 11, 2014 these words – “I have not chosen you because of your great abilities or for your scholarly intellect, but because you are the least likely to be paraded around by the people as one of their elect. Quite the opposite will occur. You will discover that even though signs and wonders are following you, many will still not believe you. After you have been established you will see My Spirit has been continually moving before you, stretching your faith further than it ever has been before. I am preparing you for something big that you will not just hear about but be in the middle of – my Resurrection Power.

I knew that word was for me. I knew that I was one not likely to be chosen because of any great abilities or scholarly intellect but only because God has a calling on my life. I was asked today by the Executive Pastor to oversee the Counseling Ministry at our church. To take what God has poured into me I will pour into others.

Pastor Wayne gave me a word that said “In His Timing God would bring forth the Gifts. I have other prophecies from Pastor Kent saying the same things.

I have been in the wilderness for 11 years. I was so desperate for a move of God. I have clung to God’s words over my life. He had given me a dream and a destiny at 17 and 28 years of age and it is now starting to come to pass. Please pray that the gifts that each of you have spoken to me would come out – and that my Angel of Fragrance would come and do his word through me. I know I can do nothing without HIM!

I am so Happy to be free and so blest to have each of you as my mentors and friends! I just wanted you to know what a Faithful and Loving God we really have!

Your Friend,