Dear Prophet Kent Simpson,

What can I say (about my prophecy) everything you said is truth and thank you for praying for me.

“When you joined my people and gathered within the building u slowly began to find out not all of them were of me. Like wolves in sheep’s clothing. A few still kept their sins while trying to walk with me. Now u see that they are lukewarm and I will spew them out of my house. I will come to u one day and I will pour within u my compassion for them”

This is true! The first church I entered was a church of lukewarm. Everyone in the church would judge and gossip about the new members and made themselves like they know everything and everyone else was dumb. I walked away from this church and I was so very angry and annoyed and I asked God why he made me experience that as a new believer to a new church. I am pleased to say that after years of them failing Christians and sinning the way they did, the Lord has separated everyone in there and all the members woke up to themselves and now go to another church. It is like all the members were scattered away from this church and the pastor was left all alone. One of the members emailed me and apologized for everything. I am thankful that God brought his light into that church. I ask if you can pray that the Lord changes that Pastors heart because he affected many people and his pride letting him down a lot. Also pray that he stops gossiping and judging people and also that he may stop passing this habit onto new believers who just want to seek God.

About the prophetic Gift, I do see prophetic dreams all the time but I don’t understand them. For example, after I left that church I immediately started to see the church in my dreams almost every week, I always saw it in darkness and there was always a candle outside lighting, but the inside was darkness and I would see the people walking away. I would see the same kind of dream all the time and then the dream happened months later.

And also what place will the Lord give unto me to feed the lost sheep? The Lord said I am the sent one. I am sorry but I don’t understand, I have sinned too much and are not worthy to be trusted to do what he has planned for me!! I feel bad for doubting but why me! I am excited and at the same time sad because I feel like I’m not good enough to do anything for God.

I would love prophetic counseling, what do I have to do to get that prophet? I want to be stronger in Christ. I am so hungry for God! I just do not have the right people in my life to help me and encourage me to go to church! I have not been to a church for a long, long time because I got confused and lost and now that the Lord spoke to you these words, I am wondering how on earth will all that happen if I don’t even have a job to work and buy me a car to go to church every Sundays and Wednesdays for gatherings. It breaks my heart.

Thank you again and God bless you man of God Oh that is excellent then, thank you very much it was really helpful. I usually read the news letters I get from you on email. They are the best!! I learn a lot from them, especially about prophetic gifting.

Thanks again. It means a lot. God bless you and your ministry and may you continue to grow and prosper in Jesus name that is above all names.