Dear Prophet Kent,

God has been extremely faithful to us in the midst of the persecution from our neighbors.

Two bailiffs arrived at our property this morning because my parents’ lawyer was late in preparing the application for a stay. When the two men realized our property, dispute was featured in The Sun and The Daily Mail a few months ago, they immediately were on our side! They informed my parents that they would not evict us because they were equally outraged when they heard about the story. They told my parents that our neighbors and the Court need to be exposed. Moreover, they defended us even more when they viewed the trespass at the rear of the property and our neighbors 7ft CCTV camera. Their visit lasted approximately two minutes. A few hours later, my parents’ lawyer eventually turned up at Court to inform the Judge that we are experiencing severe financial hardship and requested more time to sell the property. To our surprise, the Judge immediately agreed to suspend the warrant of possession and gave my parents until Tuesday to provide evidence of financial difficulty.

We are so in awe of God’s mercy. It was like an Isaiah 41 v 10 – 13 experience, as our neighbors drove away when the bailiffs told them that they would not change our locks and give them our keys.

Nevertheless, we are so grateful to God that we are still able to remain in our home and that God granted us favor with the bailiffs and the Judge. This is such an unusual circumstance, as bailiffs usually throw you out of your home regardless of the evidence you may present. We will continue to pray that God would be merciful to send a buyer as soon as possible.

God bless you!

Shakira from London, England