Ras Robinson was our pastor at this time. My name was Shari Kirby, since I had gone back to my maiden name “Kirby”. I was teaching at Lake Country Christian School. You prophesied that I would look at the back of the room (we did not know what room) and see my future husband leaning back in a chair against the wall with his arms folded and eyes closed.

About two or three years later, I was visiting another church, and a prophet asked me to stand up so he could prophesy over me. I stood up, turned around and looked at the back of the church. There was one of the church leaders leaning back in a chair against the wall with his arms folded. His FIRST NAME IS KIRBY, AND HIS LAST

NAME IS ENDSLEY. I just about fainted as I was remembering what you had prophesied. (Yes, his eyes were closed!)

Well, Kirby and I dated for some time after that, but not for very long. We did get married, my name is now Shari Kirby Endsley. Most people remember me by my auburn hair, and I would be described as petite. SO YOUR PROPHESY DID COME TO PASS, AND PEOPLE STILL ARE AMAZED WHEN I TELL THIS TRUE STORY.

I am now a retired school teacher from Fort Worth ISD, and Kirby and I are members of Glory of Zion International that now meets in Corinth, Texas. Chuck Pierce is the founding Apostle/Prophet. We usually watch by webcast, but we also love to drive from Fort Worth to Corinth from time to time for fellowship.

Thanks for your prophesy SO many years ago!
Many blessings,