Prophet Kent,

RE: School of Prophetic Knowledge

I would sincerely like to thank you for taking the time to speak with me last week! I have taken your advice and enrolled into your school, and guess what I can afford it!

I have been believing GOD for breakthrough in our personal finances and on Friday past, all of our debt totaling £30’000 sterling = $49,725.USD has been paid in full. We were paying almost £700 sterling per month = $1,160.USD to service this debt and finding it VERY difficult to manage! We are now able to breathe easy!!!!! Wow what a GOD. I had been prophesying to our debt for 2 weeks that it was cancelled and told it that it had no hold over our lives anymore. I got the revelation, that since I was a son of GOD I was also an heir to His Kingdom, and asked God to open His storehouse and release his financial blessing upon our lives to clear our debt! The Holy Spirit has really been ministering to me about believing and calling forth the Kingdom of God in our lives and now I am beginning to understand the provision that a Citizen of Heaven has!!

Since speaking with you I have also been listening and meditating on the prophetic word that you gave me last November. You had said that God was going to use me to speak to others and that it would be a word of power not just for edification but life changing and that people would seek me out because the things that I would say would be so accurate that they would know God has moved in their situation, and would want to tell me what GOD had done. I obviously want all that GOD has for my life, and therefore want to pursue this gifting that God has given me, hence enrolling in your prophetic school. Is there anything else that I should be doing to develop this gifting at this stage or just concentrate on the teaching you are sending?

I know how precious your time is and again would truly like to thank you for your time with me last week.

God Bless,