Praise the Lord Pastor Kent,

I want to first say that God for letting him use you. The School of Prophetic Knowledge is truly blessing me, enlightening me and confirming many things within me. The teaching in DVD #3 Prophetic Insight has stirred something that God has been placing in my spirit within the last year regarding the prophetic and business and prospering with finances. The Lord shared with me that the prophetic will play a major role to redeeming the time with acceleration, knowing where to focus the arrow similar to the comparison you used with a rifle and shotgun. It really confirmed with me how you were saying Holy Spirit knows what is going to happen in the future with the stock market, and investments and new breakthrough technologies and companies, and commodities that will bring in great wealth, which we can use for the Kingdom of God to finance it and to be debt free and leave an inheritance to my children, grandchildren. I believe the Lord wants to usher through me to help usher in the Kingdom being a type of Joseph. What to invest in and when get in and get out (such as breakthrough companies who are starting or will be re-surging, new breakthrough technologies, commodities) this is all unfamiliar territory for me.

Thanks and God Bless