RE: Anointed by Association

PMT Ministers;

I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate you and your ministry. I have been a fan of Elijah List and other prophetic ministries for many years. However, the draw I had was different with yours. I had never seen a prophetic ministry that gave words for an offering before. I know many have the mindset that it is wrong to request a donation for their word, but IF it is wrong why would God continue to stretch and bless your ministry? Enlarge it to an almost unobtainable measure? Your job in the ministry is FULL time and how God chooses to compensate you is not questionable to me. I never thought twice about sending in my donation and the first word I received from you was on March 7, 2013. I was astonished and had NO idea I was called to be a prophet, among several other gifts that will come into fruition eventually. I have literally been in transition for almost two years since that word and have not operated in the things stated YET. My faith and His calling on my life WILL come through. I will fight tooth and nail, regardless of how long it takes. I have received 4 more requested prophecies from you since then and most of them seem to compliment the first and then expand/stretch me further. The prophetic gathering was enlightening and helped me maintain my course. I was excited when I went to wash my daughter’s bedding and a handkerchief dropped out of her pillowcase that she had received there! You are affecting many lives; including the next generation 🙂

Looking forward to our next visit,