I want to receive all that I can! In all honesty, this prophetic message was so on target that I thought it was personalized for me. I have just signed up to be a member of your prophetic family. I am so exhilarated that I happened upon your ministry through “It’s Supernatural”. I have always craved the prophetic and after receiving a couple of my own personal prophecies, I firmly understand why now. I have received similar prophecies from other people before but yours was more precise and enlightening.

THANK YOU for all of your personal sacrifices over the years to become the prophet you are today. I know it took a lot of pruning and suffering to get there. I desire the same and pray I have the strength to do what it takes to PRAY, HEAR and OBEY. Sounds easy enough but I know there are a lot of battles ahead naturally and spiritually. That is where you and your ministry comes in. I need a “father” to guide me to become the prophet God has created me to be.

Be Blessed.