RE: Prophecy Received at Associated by Anointing Prophetic Gathering Jan. 2015

I am honestly beside myself. To be associated with PMT would not only be an honor, but humbles me greatly. It is hard to wrap my head around that, because I’ve never given a word or seen anything in advance YET. I’m anxious by nature and do not like to speak publicly. Then again, God used many “unqualified” people throughout the Bible.

I just reread my first prophecy from you and my heart leapt with excitement. This portion foretells what I have gone through for almost two years since received,

“The Lord said you will see there is coming many different changes in your life that shall begin to strain you in many ways. Cause you to feel as though, you have been forgotten. But know this in advance saith the Lord, you are not forgotten and this is a time and a season for you to experience a miracle. For as you come through this period of time, the angel that I have appointed to minister for you, shall bring you through these dilemmas, these times of chaos and calamity that will give unto you the nurturing that you need. To help you to begin to move through those things in grace. For you will find that grace that surpasses all understanding shall give unto you the ability to be able to know that it is pure and sufficient to help you through this time of need.”

I made it, LOL. Wanted to quit many times!! It’s hard to imagine that God created me to be an end time prophet and seer. I have always admired those that have walked in that ministry. The fact that I am called to do the same is met with anticipation and intimidation at the same time, if that makes sense. I am beyond ready to get started. I know the fear that comes with that leap is not of God. I have been long awaiting for His sign and I am ready to receive!

God bless,