I don’t like this part. It hurt to even read it. Sincerely hope you aren’t prophesying something in the near future. I want to be in God’s position to minister alongside you when possible and as He sees fit. I want to rush the calling, but we all know what happens if I do that!

“These tired eyes have seen around the corner of tomorrow for each one of you, knowing that when I pass on to glory you will be in charge of picking up where I have left off.”

I just want you to know I am still pursuing Him. Interceding in tongues for hours, praising and worshipping our Father on my knees and sometimes on my face. I know that once I am completely purified and all the dross has been removed, He will allow me to be an example of Him in truth. My constant decree is His will in my life and not my own. That I will have the strength to do ALL He asks me to do regardless of how hard it may be. That I will hear His word clearly and I will not add or subtract a single thing he gives me to utter. I have had several prophets tell me this is my turnaround year and that great abundance is on its way. I KNOW this to be true in my Spirit, because those are the things that are most aggressively attacked, breakthrough and provision.

I just want you to know that I love you and your ministry beyond words and so thankful that I was lead to you.