“Hi Kent, Thank you so much for counseling me today. I had such confidence and hope, and immediately there were results! (Funny how that happens like a magic key!) God is able to just cut through all the nonsense! Thank you for speaking to me, taking the time, and listening so well! What a lifesaver!

Brother Simpson, You say by the Holy Spirit (in my last prophecy) that I will get a dream. YES I get a prophetic dream. I try to tell you in English (In Dutch it is on: http://www.voordewind.eu/nederlands/content/view/360/149/. The dream started with that God promises in His Word that He protect His children. Next I came from the one to other very terrible situations but in every situation I thought what God says in His Word and I say in every situation: I trust God and His Word that He protect me and… Yes I say He protect me in every situation. Once I say after me a great wall of water (hurricane) came to me but I felt the peace of God and no fear. I turned my head to that water and saw that God protect me. Once I say that everything where broke by earthquake and that God protected me. And there was more but in every situation: He protected me because He does what He says in His Word. After that dream I felt no fear but Gods peace and holy presence. The next day I asked the Lord about that Bible verse. I open my Bible and read: Psalm 138:7!! In the church I get from someone a new magazine and when I open that magazine I saw on photos that were in my dream!!

God bless and loves YOU!!!