thanks Kent! shucks I was ready to go to the Spa! 😀 I know that the Lord is always there, and He’s been there for you and your family much. your very close to Him! you folks have always been there for everyone and He knows and sees that. I pray that the Lord keeps you. and that we all go on His time. not the time of sickness and disease or old age. but Him. And we all get to do and finish our purpose in Him. you been such a good friend and intercessor not just to us but to all. I pray that the Lord sends financial, physical, spiritual blessings and much more to you all. that your children’s children will call you blessed!

yeah, can’t wait to see Heaven and everybody & everything!
thanks for the uplift and reminder. sometimes I have to get things my way only too. fire and water don’t mix, one totally goes out.

Love & Aloha Sissy from Hawaii