Hi Kent,

I recently received teaching material for School of Prophetic Knowledge and have begun to listen to it. I must tell you that I really “feel” my place in the prophetic. I have known for years that my spiritual gifting are in the leadership and prophetic (encouraging) areas. I can look back on my life way before being saved and see the prophetic bent…used to listen to mediums and psychics in my thirst for spiritual leading (lol). Then I met Jesus in January of 1985 and my eyes and ears were opened and the Bible came alive to me. I am so eternally grateful!

Since I found you on Elijahlist.com and have read and listened to you more, I feel things fitting into place and making more sense to me. I began to see that the trials I have faced in my life were things meant to shut me up and so discourage me that I could not walk in His love. But God…

I am looking forward to all God has for me…I will apprehend all that Jesus apprehended me for. So grateful to you and for you.