From the desk of Steve Shultz:

I am pleased to recommend Prophet Kent Simpson to you. I’ve known Kent for 24 years. Let me tell you that Kent is one of the most accurate prophets I’ve ever known.

Kent prophesied over me by cassette tape in 1991, before I ever met him in person. Now, many years later, my friend Kent from time to time still prophesies over me. I send financial support to Kent’s ministry because I believe in what he does for the Body. At my request, every few years, Kent still seeks the Lord for me and sends what he has heard in the form of a prophecy on audio CD. These prophetic words on my behalf have been a TREMENDOUS HELP and BLESSING FROM THE LORD through the last 24 years.

This article by Kent will give you some very encouraging instruction on how many of you can sow into your children and grandchildren’s future through a “word of prophecy” given to them. Ask your local pastor or a local prophet who is passing through your area if he or she would pray over your son or daughter, sister or brother, your grandchild and friends. Be sure to write down what is prayed or prophesied and date the prayer and prophecy. If at all possible, please try to record the prophecy.

I encourage you to support ministries such as Kent Simpson’s prophetic ministry. Go to: