Dear Pastor Simpson,

You taped a word for me on 12/10/00 and I just wanted to tell you how much it blessed me and confirmed what the Lord is doing in my life. It related to how I have heard from the Lord differently from some of the teachings of man I have been receiving. There are many who have still desired to run toward the edge of the cliff but I have stopped to look up and seek God’s wisdom and He has begun to open my eyes to the truth. I have seen that only truth works and all teachings of men do not carry the measure of truth that shall prevail in my life. (I have left a church recently because my heart and spirit could not line up and submit to the teachings. I attended the church for 12 years, but there had been changes over the last couple of years in their teachings.

The word said: You have been turned upside down by many things. The Lord gave me a word picture about 6 weeks ago of seeing a man with Levis on and his front pockets were full, bulging with pocket change. The Lord reached down, grabbed the man by the ankles and turned him upside down and began shaking all the pocket change out. The Lord revealed the pocket change to represent the fleshly things we do when we think we are helping God get the job done. (I have grieved over some of the “faith and confession” type of teachings when it makes a person speak God’s Word presumptuously and believe He will move because WE speak His Word.

Under His Construction,.