Dear Pastor Simpson,

Words can’t not describe how grateful/comforted me and my husband are, from the message we received from God through you today. Since the day Teddy was born, he is not quite the same as any other children around him. The teachers in school told us he has many characteristic of an Asperger/ADHD child. His delayed speech and sensory development leaves us with no choice but to take him to daily therapy classes. He has been rejected from school we applied him to, because they don’t think he can keep up with the rest of the kids….

Starting age of 2, there was a period of time where he would always wake up in night terrors….he couldn’t tell us what they were, due to his limited speech abilities. One time for about 3 consecutive days, he would wake up in the morning, telling us images that were very similar, if not the same what was written in the Book of Revelation. We were skeptical, and thought it might have been a coincidence. There are too many stories to tell, but one wonderful dream he had at the beginning of this year was his encounter with Jesus… Teddy told me, Jesus was having fun with him in the forest catching all his favorite bugs. I asked Teddy how did he know it was Jesus? Teddy said, he couldn’t see the Lords face, but can hear His voice… “Mommy, He told me to be a good boy, and He said He loves me”….then Teddy went on describing the Lord with eyes like the color of the sky, and His body was the color of the sky too. I knew he was telling the truth… and I was truly touched by his joy and happiness.

With all these said, God has confirmed to us today that He intended for love Teddy to be this way, and there is an awesome plan for him…. Although Teddy is working on his learning/focusing skills, and challenges are still there for us in store, we know he is in God’s hand. As parents, we are learning and growing to trust the Lord every day. Your prophecy took us a big leap forward! We are going to take it one day at a time, teaching Teddy to turn to our Heavenly Father in all situations. Teddy’s prayer at night is always very sweet and compassionate. He is always praying for the sick, the people he loves.

Thank you again Prophet Simpson!!