I thank you so much, Kent Simpson.

I have been feeling happy lately! You have topped my happiness to great Joy! I have such a peace within me since hearing the prophetic word you spoke to me. I believe every word you have spoken for; indeed, it is from the Lord. I am glad that you have reassured me that the Lord is pleased with me. Yes, I am an intercessor. I will start speaking to the Lord of the frustrations and even anger which I feel from time to time. You are a good man who has spent his life devoted to our Lord and I’m sure that this is taking its toll on you. You have been prophesying for days and still have a long list to go through. I pray that Holy Spirit empower you from on High I pray that your prophetic accuracy be doubled in magnitude in the days to come. Because you have been so faithful to the Lord, you shall be healed of what ails you. No longer will you wonder about a certain situation. Everything will flow as the river of God does. Great days are ahead of you. The sacrifices you have made have been noticed by God and you shall have an encounter with Him. Think not this impossible for, indeed, it shall take place. Though, you are no longer a young man, Wisdom streams from your very mouth. It stems from Me and your heart is pure. I shall cover you with My balm of Gilead, with My anointing oil and everywhere you go, people shall be healed and restored to wholeness. Your humility will be your greatest asset for many walking in this degree of anointing and glory would, indeed, sin against Me because of the pride that would rise from within them. But, not you. You shall revere Me even more so. I have added years to your life on this earth. They shall be blessed years and you will be very sensitive, at times, because of My Presence which rests upon you. You shall shed tears. You shall know what it is to be loved with an everlasting love. Great are the days ahead of you. Expect to be seen by people for I shall send you to the streets where so many are suffering. My Presence shall touch them and heal them and they will cry out for My Son, Yahushua. You are My son and I love you greatly. At times, you will have difficulty sleeping for my Glory shall be so heavy upon you. But sleep will not matter to you in these times for you shall be bathed in My love in a way that you thought not possible. Continue to obey Me and see that I will not bless you and answer your prayers speedily. Your family shall all serve the Lord from the youngest ones to the eldest ones. They are all Mine. Blessed are you, Kent for not many will know what it is to know Me in the way that you shall. Think of Moses and read about him. I will do for you what I did for him.