God Has a Word for YOU!

Apostle, I wanted to tell you what a wonderful time I had as the anointing was very strong.

I pray for Lisa and my husband as they have let Satan deceive them, however I will be patient without nagging. Holy Spirit will do what HE does best, everything! I will surely stay in contact! I plan to enroll in the school, etc. God has shown me that you can be unequally yoked with believers as well! I was attempting to be submissive when I married and stayed in a dead church for about 8 years! Boring! Lol. I was a spiritual anorexic with no joy!

Holy Spirit told you that we struggle with our finances as Satan is determined to sift me! I have been called since a child! I feel blessed Jesus wooed me at age 8! Don’t pity me but Satan has stolen, lied and disappointed me all my life!

I still stand! I will stay in the race because I will finish the course for KING Jesus! I am strong, rich and blessed! I so enjoyed your bride Debbie and wise Savannah!

Thank you sir,