Hello Prophet Kirklin Cross,

I just wanted to thank you for speaking such a wonderful word into my life it really encouraged me, lifted my spirit and gave me so much reassurance on things. I am so ready for the change God has on in store for my life and I do seek him and want his will to be done in my life. And I know I’m still young nineteen to be exact but I’ve been through a lot and have kept faith in God and trusted him walking on this journey even with restrictions. I’m so blessed and thankful God sees everything. You said God said I wouldn’t lose my Job and that some things were going to change in my work place so I could be promoted, and I walked in work today and my general manger and my assistant manager are both leaving and transferring to different restaurants. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing because it was just yesterday you spoke that word from God into my life and I can see it’s already beginning to happen. God is so good and I’m happy he has vessels in the body of Christ such as yourself. I am going to also continue to desire to learn more about the prophetic myself so he can use me to speak into the lives of others. You are the third prophet to speak that into my life.

Thank you.
God bless,