RE: The Prophetic Event

Greetings Beautiful People!!!

I’d like to thank all of you for being such a huge blessing to me at the conference January 3, 2015. I cannot explain the joy, love, and peace I felt with all of you Friday and Saturday. All of the prophecies were extremely accurate and timely. My soul was burdened before I got there. I left feeling blessed and refreshed.

Each of you brought a different flare that truly warmed my heart over and over; Debbie’s warm heart and smile, Kyle’s gentle soul and honesty, Melinda’s natural beauty and soft presence, Skip’s holy ghost laughter and fierce prophetic, and our strong brutha Kirk’s inner- soul and discernment that doesn’t stop. Last but not least, Prophet Kent said that I was a hoot but he too is a natural comedian and a great teacher!!! I can honestly say that was the best prophetic conference I’ve ever experienced! I must remain connected to this ministry.

Also, I would like to get a copy of Saturday’s conference meeting prophecies and teaching. How much is it? (Available Soon!)

I love you all to life,

P.S. I don’t have the emails of the others. Will you please forward this to all of them or send me their emails? Again, many thanks!