Hey Kent

You are so right about learning about prayer and coming against the enemy. I remember an old Word you had sent for me. I actually remember calling from our kitchen with mom because you had it set up where you could call 1-900-Prophet to request it and then you sent all the Words out on VHS tape. I still remember watching it for the first time waiting for my Word. It was the fall/winter of 1995 so we are nearly at 20 years ago now!! I copied it below. God Bless you my friend!

(Copy of Tyler’s prophecy)

“Tyler you are one that is; in the Spirit, very athletic, you are a Spiritual Warrior, you have the ability to ward a spirit in your prayer life. And the Lord said I’m going to give you the ability to cast out demons. Even in this life you shall see demons flee. For the Lord said as you prophecy over those who have the demonic affliction, the demons shall flee. And the Lord said I will use you in the days to come to cause many to see that you are a man that will prosper in many things. For the Lord said, I have seen you as one that will take an instrument in hand and very skillfully, you shall remove the curse in the lives of people. And the Lord said you will use it as one of great wisdom and people will look at you and know that you are truly one that has a gift of God not only in the realm of the spirit but in the natural as well. For the Lord has given you a good mind, and the Lord has trusted you with much, and as you have given your youth onto Me, saith the Lord thy God, “I will cause you to live long life, and you will prosper in My name.” Thus saith the Lord. Amen