RE: Online Prophecies on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Hello once again,

I am writing to tell you what the 3 words I was given meant to me.

1st. Kent the word you gave me was.
I did just ask the Lord, what was the truth on things I was studying and which one will make it work as I was baffled. This was true, I was! You gave me 1 John 2:27……you need no man to teach you…
Thank you

2nd Brian the word you gave related to 2 areas…I was just preparing to make my own candy…getting all ingredients and wondering if I was buying the best ones for an excellent flavor….You had said, you saw a little girl in a candy store with too many choices and I did know which to choose. You said, I can choose whatever I wanted. This really also said, the Lord was going to narrow my way..I am so happy about that! I had asked the Lord if I should start a side business with this or just keep it with friends and family? As I started so many other things in the past that I could not get off the ground. I was afraid to try again and fail. I had asked the Lord to show me if I should go forward..he did with you! Now, the second meaning to this about not listening to others as they will want you to do what they want you to do, not what you should do…well in this I have a few choices to work with in helping with some ministries..Two just contacted me again in the last 2 days trying to talk me into coming alongside of them again. I know I am not to listen to what they want me to do…so, thank for this word.

3rd Skip the word you gave me was a reminder of the words given to me back in the mid to late 90’s about the Glory I would be walking in with healing for myself and many others will we healed and set free..I won’t even need to lay hands on them as the anointing will do it all. I have been waiting for the activation with God’s timing..You and everyone there prayed for me to have this released now! Thank for this, it has been a long wait.

This took me a couple hours to write as while I started typing this from my cell phone it started having glitches …trying to get me to stop writing. I would not stop, as it is important to stop to let you all know how much I appreciated your time and the gifts God has given you!

Tina, thank you for what you do as well, as this too is a gift and it is not easy.

Bless You All