Hi again, dear brother in Christ,

Kent, this is the second prophecy I have received from GOD through you, and I want to give you a word of encouragement and confirmation.

The first prophecy was about healing and deliverance. For many years, I have asked the LORD to use me fully in that way. Although He has to a degree, I was so blessed to learn that He is going to increase those gifts. Thank you for receiving what He says and sending it along to His children!

Regarding this prophecy I received today…
For many months, I have wondered if the LORD would use me in this way. I’ve seen myself (in vision) speaking to people in their native tongues, with no comprehension of what I was saying, but trusting the LORD to be the One who was doing the talking out of my mouth. I always see that it would be exactly as you were given to say to me…that the words would be from GOD and would be the very thing that would turn many toward Him. This is not something I have spoken aloud, nor have I shared it with anyone at all. GOD knew. And I am so grateful for the word from Him that affirms what I saw. Needless to say, I am thrilled!!!!!

Thank you for sending the handkerchief. My sister, Linda, received another prophetic word from you recently – along with the handkerchief you sent, as well. I am going to check your site to see what the dollar amount is that you request for those handkerchiefs and will send you that, also.

I hope you were able to receive the cd’s I sent from Chuck (my husband) and myself. I hope they were a blessing to you and your wife! Also, we have a mutual friend…Gloria Reid; As a matter of fact, she created the oil for my ministry, entitled Edified Woman. I was so surprised to hear her say that you know one another. GOD is so good… We live in such a glorious time on this earth.

Thank you so much for being obedient to our Father. Thank you for loving Yeshua/Jesus and Holy Spirit. You have blessed my heart and my life tremendously, because of your humility (which is very evident) and your love for and obedience to our LORD.

Your sister in Christ