RE: Where Do You Rank in God’s Army

I’m really captivated by your article.

More importantly as I have been reading the book of Joshua and Gideon in the book of Judges.

These books summarise and confirm the teaching in your article.

In the book of Joshua, God clearly and firmly instructs Joshua that obedience to His word is key to Joshua succeeding in his assignment.

The words God spoke to Joshua when Achan had stolen and hidden the sacred items were” I will not be with Israel as they have kept things set for destruction amongst themselves”It is amazing to see in this book how sin drives the presence of His spirit away from us.

We learn a good lesson on Othaniel, that once you know your rank then God can use you. The bible says that he became a judge once the spirit of the Lord came upon him.

This is so powerful as this clearly shows that we can know that we are called when the spirit of the Lord is upon us. Imagine a judge without the spirit and a prophet without the spirit of the Lord.

Gideon is a good demonstration to know that God is not a respecter of persons and that obedience is key.When you remain in the rank, God is able to use you as you are. He said to Gideon go in the strength that is in you (All ranks are not the same but obedience is key)

Thank you, you are such a blessing!