Thank you with my whole heart ❤️

Confirmation!  Every one of the things you have spoken, is things that the Lord has revealed to me already. I have each of the points that you have made wrote down in my journal. So I can see them ever before me.  For the last two years I have been praying God do whatever it takes to bring them to you.  so you telling me this is all confirmation and I will continue! These are absolutely answers to many of my questions. Thank you for the wisdom of God that flows from you, that will teach me and help me in this journey. Thank you so much!!!

I want you to know they last prophecy that you did before this decree, I listen to it over and over and over. It was a very hard time that I was going through and I need you to know this was such a blessing to me. I listen to it multiple times before I went to sleep at night and  awaken and listening to it right away.

Thank you with my whole heart!

In Christ Jesus name