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Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.
Hebrews 13:2

Many of you know that I had a real craving for motorcycles for most of my life. We all agree that riding motorcycles is a risky endeavor. Each time my friends and I got together to go riding we referred to the activity as going to dodge cars, which is a large part of the sport. Riding a motorcycle on a crowded interstate is like running with the bulls. Many times I have been in some real tight spots, but each time God’s favor kept me from a serious accident.

Lady Bug

One summer in 2001 my favorite motorcycle was the “Lady Bug”. She was a 2000 model Honda Valkyrie; the picture is below. I had just received a package from UPS, and I knew it had to be my new highway pegs, made for stretching out your legs and resting your feet while riding on the highway. After I had installed them I thought I needed to go and try them out. I had a number of different routes I had created over the years, and this one needed to be a long ride with lots of curves. Choosing the Lake Worth route, I headed out to make sure that when I took the curves that my pegs did not drag on the pavement.

As I exited off the interstate, making my way around the lake, I noticed that my left peg was grinding the pavement on each turn. At one sharp curve I decided to look down and see how bad it was. Now anyone who rides motorcycles knows the rule; wherever you look is where your motorcycle will go. You guessed it, since I was looking down my bike and I were going down. When I finally realized I had messed up it was almost too late; very quickly, I overcorrected my error and I landed in the ditch. When it was all over I found myself with a 750 pound mountain of hot metal on top of me. Fortunately, the ground was sandy and soft from a recent rain, which kept the bike from crushing me; however, I was not able to get out from under its weight.

Lying there with my leg getting very warm from the exhaust pipes, I began to assess the fact that I needed help. This lake road was not well traveled, but, fortunately, in just a few minutes I heard a car coming around the corner. Slowing down, the driver very quickly rolled down their window then this nice lady asked if she needed to go for help. Embarrassed and still not ready to let go of my pride I thanked her but declined her assistance. I kept trying to dig my way out, but it was just not enough to get free. Then another lady stopped and said she had a mobile phone and she could call for help; once again I declined.

Finally, I gave in and prayed these exact words: “Lord, I need a hand. Please help me get out of here.” In just a few seconds, a jeep came around the bend and a small fellow stuck his head out and asked if I needed help. Without hesitation I said, YES! As he walked toward me I noticed he only had one arm and I began to laugh out loud. He started chuckling wanting to know what was so funny. I told him I had just said a prayer asking my Lord to send me a hand and then you came around the corner. We both laughed for just a second and then everything got really eerie and foggy; time seemed to just speed up, and in just 2 or 3 seconds I was standing outside of the ditch holding up my motorcycle.

After gaining my bearings I turned to thank the fellow for helping me, but he was already gone. I do not remember him pulling on the bike or me even getting up off the ground. I believe you will agree with me that sending me a one-armed angel after I prayed to our Father to send me a hand reveals the measure of His divine humor.

I have experienced angelic encounters on more than one occasion. I recall once an angel appeared to me and then spoke to me. I was in my study and I was busy straightening up and picking up books and magazines that I had been studying when, all of sudden, a form started taking shape in my doorway… to be continued next week

Kent Simpson,
Prophetic Pastor
aka, “The Mail Order Prophet”
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Comments & Testimonials

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”
Hebrews 13:8

Sent: 11/26/2012 2:45:34 P.M. Central Standard Time

Dear Pastor Kent,

I am so sorry that there has been a delay to send this e-mail to you.

I want to thank you very much for the prophecies which you sent both my son and myself.

These few words of thanks seem so inadequate in the light of what you have done for us. Thank you from the depth of my heart for the time you set aside to wait upon God to receive these words to send us. I can imagine the volume of work you are coping with.

These words you received from God are so accurate, so deep, helpful and meaningful. There is so much I would love to explain that would enable you to see how incredible these words are but it would be too much for this type of e-mail. It has settled something very big in my life and I cannot stop thanking God for this.

You prophesied that my son would pray for the sick and they would recover and that people would be raised from the dead. You also spoke of his compassion for people besides other things, and this is so true but unbeknown to you, he is a Rescue/Emergency Helicopter Pilot who has been exposed to sick and injured people for a while now. He has been in need of a word of encouragement and this has given him fresh vision and purpose for his life.

Thank you too for the regular words you have been sending as well as the prophetic messages. There was an experience which you had which I was able to relate to and it has now confirmed how I must handle an instructional word from God in the future so that it remains in my focus and does not fade. (I would write the word and place it in all focal points of the house to keep reminding me) It was amazing because this is exactly what I thought I should do in the future and then your one word confirmed this. I did not follow through with something from God earlier this year and it cost me dearly. I have really learned from this experience.

I pray for you and your family and all those who are involved in the ministry with you.

God Bless you, Barbara (Momson)

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