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Continuing with last week’s article “The Angel Spoke”, you may recall I had finally found God and His revelation and the answer why everything in my life was falling apart. He had sent me an angel, which I mistook to be a demon and ran him off. God had sent the angel who spoke to me these words: “I will tell you what you need to know and I will prosper you.” Knowing that I needed a plan on how to make repentance and get the angel back into my ministry to see the fulfillment of the verse in Hebrews 1:13, 14. God graciously allowed me the insight of what I needed to do. That was to go the Tabernacle and preach to the angels until I got a word of prophecy for myself.

But to which of the angels has He ever said:”Sit at My right hand, Till I make Your enemies Your footstool?” Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?
Hebrews 1:13, 14 (NKJV)

When I got to the Tabernacle, I rummaged around in the office looking for a blank tape to put in the recorder, because I wanted to have a copy of my prophecy. I had been doing a lot of studying on angels after this experience. I figured if they are sent to us from God we best know something about them. As I made my way to the pulpit, where the tape recording system was, I put the blank tape in the recorder. My theory was that God’s angels could always be found wherever God’s people gathered. Knowing from scripture that whatever the Lord spoke in heaven had to manifest on earth as it is written:

Your kingdom come. Your will be done. On earth as it is in heaven.
Matthew 6:10

All I had to do was speak whatever He was saying from heaven and His angels would have to go do His word. The Angelic hosts of God have been commanded to do His will on earth, as it has been proclaimed in heaven. This is a huge breakthrough for the body of Christ. If you can find God and His Word and you speak His word on earth as it has been spoken from the throne of God His angels will go do His Word.

Bless the Lord, you His angels, who excel in strength, who do His Word, heeding the voice of His Word.
Psalm 103:20 (NKJV)

It does not matter whose voice it is that is speaking; His Word that has been sent down from heaven. All that matters is that His Word is proclaimed; then everything will change for His angels will do His Word.

With that in mind and the tape in the recorder, with the sound system live throughout the sanctuary, I began to preach the message from my heart. Not seeing one angel sitting in the pews I continued to preach as if the room was packed out. Finally, His Word came, delivered by the angel that had been appointed unto me a few years prior. This angel is God’s messenger appointed to minister for me, ascending and descending from His throne delivering His Prophetic Word for whomever is in need of a Word from God. This night the Word was for ME!

I can just imagine what my angel thought when he landed in the Tabernacle sanctuary and saw all these other angels filling up the room. “What are you guys all doing here?” With a resounding reply, “Waiting on His Word so we know what to do.” Maybe it doesn’t happen exactly that way, but you get the idea.

Now for the final results and blessing from all my praying, hearing and obeying. Satisfied that I had my Word of Prophecy I shut everything off and went home, leaving the Tabernacle knowing in my Spirit it is finished. I had done all that I could do; it was time to sit back a patiently wait upon His Word to do the work. Two weeks had gone by and we still had faith that His Word was going to work for us. Then the day finally came.

Someone was at the door as I opened it there stood a middle aged man in a suit and tie. He introduced himself, and all I remember is that his first name was Harold, after all it had been a number of years ago; this all occurred during the autumn of 1993. I invited him into are humble little home and he sat down. Without hesitation he began to state his reason for coming to visit us without introduction. He asked if I knew of a list of men who I had played high school football with and said he represented them. We talked about each one and we had fond memories of the “good ole days”. Then he got to the point of his coming as he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a check for $50,000.00. I was floored, utterly shocked, needless to say. It was evident the angel God had originally sent to me that I earlier ran off was back. The evidence can only be found in the favor of God’s unrelenting love and grace. From that time forward, this ministering spirit has been there for this ministry many times over.

Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor
aka, “The Mail Order Prophet”

Comments & Testimonials

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”
Hebrews 13:8


Dear Brother Kent,

“Thank you for your for your article on Elijah List.
(article from Elijah List)

As a result of reading it, I received courage to release a word of knowledge to long-time friends and just walk away, holding onto my faith.

I needed courage because the word was good, but their situation at present isn’t. (The article re: the woman who gave you the word that your words were protected and wouldn’t fall to the ground, and the way that caused you to combat condemnation.)

We have been riveted by your articles on the angels of God. Our oldest son was laughing as he read the one on asking God “for a hand to help.” He loved seeing God’s humor and help all at once!

Thank you so much for sharing. It is truly helping people.

It is a risk to be open with our personal lives, as many are quick to point fingers. However, your sharing these life experiences is helping and equipping people, and shows a father’s heart.”

CS Wade



Mr. Simpson,

How are you? I pray all has been well. I would first like to say we have not forgotten about scheduling you to come to our church. My father just wanted to get the construction out of the way as to not having the place look like a construction zone before you come or anyone for that matter; which has taken a slight bit longer than expected.

As for myself I am doing ok. The reason I am writing is because I am really enjoying this newsletter lately on angels. It’s been a subject of interest for me for quite some time now. Let me explain. So I bought your SCHOOL OF PROPHETIC KNOWLEDGE back in 2009.

I was slothful about getting to it. In March 2010 my wife left which ended in divorce in June 2011. Anyhow during the time of separation I of course while searching the scriptures on marriage etc. I also started studying even more so as to keep my sanity lol during this season as I did not want to lose my family. I one day looked over and there was the School of prophetic knowledge in my face. I felt a since of urgency to watch them. I learned so much and am still learning. But when I received your teaching on “Prophetic Visions” something changed as you talked about angels work for us and through us. I think you prayed for impartation at the end if I remember correctly. But as you spoke on the subject I remember sitting in my living room and all of a sudden an angel appeared. I was overwhelmed. It was quite like you described the bright light etc. ever since that day.

I can see them especially when the atmosphere is highly saturated with the presence of God. I can see them enter in when the praise and worship service has entertained the heavenly. I have seen them on people whispering in their ears when preachers are under the anointing. I was in Kenya, Africa this last summer on missions as I have a younger sister who is a missionary there. My dad was on stage preaching a revival as the pastor was on stage with him interpreting, I saw and angel hovering around the two and it was waving what looked like a stick around as if he was conducting a symphony orchestra while they preached. I have also seen working the night shift, as I saw demonic presences I would pray and rebuke them and I would see angels literally coming and warring or what looked like fighting the demons off.

I kept it to myself as this is a subject not many talk about these days. I finally shared with my mother but it was through experience. One day I was praying with and for her as she was discouraged. While praying I saw an angel hovering over her head and the Holy Spirit told me to tell her to raise her hand. So she did and I asked her if she could feel two sensations one in her ear and on her hand and she replied yes. I then was prompted by the Holy Spirit to tell her that what she was feeling was her angel appointed to her and that God said the angel was always there. She started crying etc. she has told some immediate family etc. and I have as I have seen angels dealing with them.

What I want to know is how you in fact entertain their company on the regular. As well as the gift of prophecy on the regular as mines seem to come in as they please when I’m preaching etc. or if I’m in a highly anointed service. Also how do you explain to people or do u not unless the Holy Spirit prompts u? No one I know has experienced angels. So I have no one to talk to. Any how sorry it’s so lengthy. Please pray for me as I have been dealing with so much lately. And hopefully dad and I can schedule u soon at the church. God bless. Also if there are some good key scriptures about what I have talked about above that would be awesome.

This is Kirklin Cross Jr. In Cleburne Texas
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