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Dear Valuable Subscriber,

Hello this is Kent Simpson with PMT and I need your help.

We are offering an opportunity for writers to have a platform from which to speak.

I have read a lot of the works from unknown authors over the years and I would like to work out an arrangement where you and I can help each other. We are preparing our latest website, which has not yet launched, but it is our plan to offer a place for you or someone you know to post work or excerpts from books or articles so that others might benefit from your labor.

“Setting the Pen Free to Speak” is our calling. There are so many qualified writers who have something to say but few platforms to launch their work for all to read. We would appreciate the opportunity to share your material with our subscribers.

With our subscribers email list we can place your work in the hands of thousands of people in just a few days. We also will send to our subscribers an email endorsing your work along with some highlights found in your materials.

We offer various selections for posting; books, articles, lyrics, poetry, teachings, prophesy and the list goes on. If you know of anyone else who you think might be interested in our vision, please send them our way.

Our policy will be: That we reserve the right to refuse material that is improper or in any way defames our beliefs or blasphemes the Holy Spirit.

As we develop the site, our vision is:

  • Offer you a variety of tools and services to help you circulate your ministry materials.
  • Certification of © copyright, publishing and distribution services, compressing your material for distribution through iBook, Kendal, Instant sales from your page on GPP using PayPal, and other e-commerce sources.
  • Increase YOUR visiblity to a growing community of internet readers.

These are just a few of the services that will expedite the exposure and make quick and easy purchase of your product.

We will not be able to print everything at once, but it is our hope to be a launching pad for many new writers to share their insights and creativity. Articles should be sent in Word format and be no longer than 750 words; this number will increase as more writers are added to the site.

Become one of first Ministry Partners with God’s Pen Pals; before we begin to require monthly membership pledges. Being one of the first will make you an honorary member supporting the vision.

Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor
aka, “The Mail Order Prophet”

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