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For many years now we have seen a continual increase in the presence of angels from God. Now, we need to understand why our Heavenly Father is sending His angelic host to us and what we are to expect from this wonderful invasion.

Angels & Impartations of Gifts

As many of you well know I have been sending out prophesies for over 24 years. What you may not have known is that He has been giving me prophetic words of impartation appointing His angels to various people, sometimes for multiple purposes. Last year, our Lord began giving me prophetic words, imparting spiritual gifts to those who are ready to receive. This does not mean that if you receive one of these prophesies that the very next day everything in your world immediate changes. However, it does mean that you will begin experiencing the nudging to do and say things you would normally not.

Based upon which gift the Holy Spirit has given you it will set the standard for how God is going to use you in the things of the supernatural. For example, if you have been given the gift of faith, and I am not talking about what you believe but rather the power to believe for things you did not even have on your bucket list, the angel appointed to you that ministers in this spiritual gift will drop into your soul and spirit a thought that was not created by your own mind. In other words, this gift of faith is something that happens to you not something you do just because you want to. This angel is at your side all the time just waiting for the words to come out of your mouth that line up with what is being said in heaven. As soon as you speak the true word of faith that angel immediately begins moving things into place for that which was said to come to pass. Sometimes it will happen and you will be unaware that you spoke on earth what is being proclaimed in heaven. The Father’s will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven, for it is written in Luke 6:11:2: “So He said to them, ‘When you pray, say: Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven.'”

It was Prophesied

In 1991, Oral Roberts prophesied that in the years to come many people would begin to have encounters with the Lord’s angels. Since that time, there have been a number of documentaries in which common people have testified about their experiences with angels. A weekly television series “Touched by An Angel” was created in this same decade and has been viewed by millions. There have been virtually hundreds of editorials, books and devotionals written, even calendars printed, which give witness to the presence of angels in our midst.

There is biblical evidence that angels can also create mass destruction. Sodom and Gomorra were consumed by fire, but it was not an ordinary fire. God’s wrath manifested by His angels annihilated these two cities. Today archeologists are still trying to locate the exact location where these sinful cities once flourished.

Elisha and his servant witnessed the presence of angels when they were surrounded by their enemy who had come to kill them. Elisha was not afraid. Why? Because he saw in the spirit realm thousands of angels standing behind his enemy ready to protect him and his servant (ref. 2 Kings 6:15-18).

The Dividing Line

Worldly people want to hold the commandments of Jesus over our heads, though they themselves do not adhere to the same strict rules.

Jesus has commanded us to turn the other cheek when our enemies strike us, bless those who curse us, and pray for our adversaries. It can be very confusing to read what Jesus has commanded and then see in the scriptures where the apostles cursed those who hindered them. Many Christians today allow people to heap condemnation on them whenever they try to defend and protect their families, properties, jobs, businesses or ministries. We need to gain balance and understanding regarding this commandment. The fact is that Jesus does give balance in His word.

Much is said in the Bible about blessing those who curse you and praying for your enemies, but does the Bible tell us how to pray? The letter Apostle Paul wrote to the church at Thessalonica indicates that we can pray, as my wife says, “Our bad prayer.”

We see in the book of Acts that Paul cursed Elymas the sorcerer with blindness for a period of time he could not see the light of day. Does this sound like someone blessing their enemy? We must find the precept of God in this spiritual law in order to understand what Jesus was saying. Was Paul out of order in calling forth blindness upon Elymas? Can we cause blindness to come upon anyone we decide to curse? NO!

We cannot curse someone without first receiving the word of the Lord giving us permission and the authority to do so. Just because we say, “In the name of Jesus,” does not guarantee that what we say will happen. Some preach that all we have to do is say, “In the name of Jesus” and whatever we say will come to pass because of the power in the name of Jesus. There are scriptures to support that there is power in the name of Jesus; however, there is a great deal of misunderstanding about these verses.

Tabernacle of Angels

There are territorial Angels of God as well as spirits of the evil one. The church is a great place to find angels. A pub or bar is a good place to find a demon, fallen angel. There are also countries that inhabit large numbers of angels or demons depending upon their worship and whom they worship.

Have you ever walked into a service and felt the power hit you? That is the presence of the Lord’s angelic host. Ever been caught up in praise and worship and feel someone touch you? Yet, when you open your eyes there is no one there. Maybe you have experienced the goose bumps while in praise and worship. All these events are angelic encounters.

Now that we have all these angelic beings we must ask why they are here. Our Lord Jesus is setting the stage where many of us will find ourselves being the voice of His commandments to these angels who have massive powers. They will be demonstrating powers that can swing to opposite sides of the pendulum, from healing and delivering those who God choses to bringing fire down from heaven upon the enemies of the Lord’s church. I know it is difficult to see destruction coming out of the mouth of our loving God, and maybe you have a real problem discerning the difference from the love of God and the wrath of God without thinking one side could only be the devil. I understand many of us are about to be stretched in our theology, but the truth of the matter is found throughout the Holy Scriptures.

Two Sides of God

God can love and God can hate, for He does hate sin and the enemies of the church. What father would not come to the defense of his children knowing he had the power to protect them, but in the end didn’t? Here again allow me to ask the question of those who are shepherds of a portion of God’s flock. Do you feel called to stand aside and do nothing if you witness the enemy of God destroying what you have been placed over to protect? Our Lord has empowered you to use His power to do all that you can to protect and preserve the church.

It will not be long before we start seeing many of these appointed angels of God raising the dead on the word of those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is proclaiming from His throne in heaven. Others will stand in the midst of a deadly storm and by the word of the Lord command it to be still and it will. Whatever you can think of as being a miracle, you will soon begin to be a part of the signs and wonders taking place daily across the nation and on into other lands.

Maybe you thought that all these years we have been equipping the saints for the work of the ministry and learning to pray, hear and obey was just to bless the church. Well, you would be wrong! We have just begun to see all that He has proclaimed in that you and I will do: “for greater works we shall do than these, says He!” (John 14:12).

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Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor
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Comments and Testimonies

Then Jesus said to him,
“Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe.”
John 4:48

Prophecy is the testimony that Jesus is not dead but Alive and Speaking to you and I.
Kent Simpson,
Prophetic Pastor

My first knowledge of Kent Simpson I believe was around 1995. I was appointed as Pastor/Overseer of the Hawaiian Islands. A former Overseer, Gary Holcombe, was visiting a friend, Paul Roberts in Texas. It was Paul who introduced Gary to Kent Simpson. Kent gave Gary a very accurate word while standing in line at a restaurant. Gary found out that Kent was a prophet and started “Prophetic Ministries Tabernacle – Fort Worth Texas” and when Gary came back to the islands he shared his unique word that was given him.

“Personal” word was a new concept to me. I’m from the old school with a Pentecostal background where we were used to a message in tongues 1st with the prophetic word following that but it was always as a corporate word to the church – not to an individual. It was new to me. Kent had even put an ad in the Charisma magazine “God Has a Word for You” just give your name & age only. To receive your personal word from God through Brother Kent Simpson was quite unique.

A lot of our folks, who appreciate Gary, sent off for a word and were excited about what words they’d received. So being their shepherd, I was concerned about the trend that started happening – yet I was excited too at the prospect of a personal prophetic word.

You see, I had to check out this prophet for myself. I have always believed there were prophets in the church – men like DH Queener & others who seemed to fit the prophetic mold of the Old Testament. I just wasn’t sure of individual prophetic words or how I was going to respond – so I was going to check it out for myself.

So with mixed emotions I sent Kent my name, age and an offering as a test to see what this was all about? Then about 2 weeks later I received the cassette and took it over to our church to be by myself. I started playing the tape and immediately sensed the presence of God. I then heard the exact words that I had thought in my mind as I entered the church and was pondering “Who is this prophet”? Well, I can’t remember now ( 18 years later) what my thoughts were exactly but something like – well I’m not too sure about this prophet, I want to be cautious, I just don’t know, etc. But as the tape played I heard verbatim, the exact words I had thought in my mind the few moments before.

Well, I played the tape 3 times and then it dawned on me – this tape was recorded 2 weeks earlier – Kent didn’t know me – knew nothing about me – we had never meet. There were things on that tape that only God knew. Yet, the words were life changing for me, my ministry, for my family and everything!

God had to give those words through Kent – I was in absolute astonishment. The only way those words could be on this tape was by the foreknowledge of God – His sovereign knowledge for me personally. To have my doubts and my fears played back to me, ministered to me at my core level and rest of the word really spoke to my heart also!

After that experience, I became a firm believer that God has prophets and apostles today in the earth as well as in the Bible Days and that was an exciting revelation – it confirmed the Bible to me.

I was really blessed by my tape so I ordered tapes for my wife and my children as well. Their personal words were “right on” & confirmed again that God knows us personally and He does have prophetic words for his people today!

We asked Kent to come to Hawaii and speak at our youth camp and minister at our local church and we tried to get him introduced around. At the time, we had a television program on LeSea Broadcasting called after our church name “Windward Worship Center”. We had Kent on our program and we introduced him to Lester Sumrall who was the owner. People really responded to Kent and he was well received and a tremendous blessing to us and to the churches. There were local prophetic people that we met and Kent ministered to. He was such a great encouragement to all.

I especially remember Kent speaking words over the kids at camp. I remember in particular that Kent laid his hands on our son, Andy and when he did his knees just buckled under him for a moment. He said it felt like a fire hose of anointing passed through him into Andy. The personal word that was given to Andy always gave us a hope, even though Andy strayed away from God for a number of years. We held on to the prophetic word – even though we couldn’t see it fulfilled we trusted that one day the anointing would be there and that Andy would be a minister for God. And Yes, Andy today is a powerful minister for God and also works in the prophetic calling. Thank you Jesus! We also appreciated the words of encouragement and hope given over our son Joshua.

I have learned and enjoyed Kent’s teaching about the prophetic more than anywhere else. We have learned how to allow God to speak through us. I was blessed to see how after Kent came and taught us, I watched the people in my church start to prophesy. It was like there was an outpouring of the prophetic gift through Kent’s ministry.

I personally would like to recommend Kent Simpson and “Prophetic Ministries Tabernacle” to anyone who wants to hear a personal word from God for today – to give you a hope and encouragement. It has been a treat, to request a fresh personal word from Kent at different times during the last few years. I am quite grateful for the tremendous blessings his ministry has had to me and I thank God for him.

Every word Kent has ever given over our people has come to pass or is still coming. It has been accurate and forthright. People would scratch their heads and wonder because we didn’t fully understand when the word was given but we kind of stood back and watched it come to past – it would manifest. Looking back we would say “WOW”! There it was – Praise God!

I just want to say “Thank You”!

Bishop Rick Frasure

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