The Will of God

The Will of God

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Where is God for Me?

What do you do when you have problems that seem to keep you stuck in a revolving door -continually oscillating you through the same problems over and over again? Believe it or not there are answers to every problem! Neither I, nor anyone else at PMT, claims to have all the answers; however, we do know the One that does have all the answers to each and every problem.
There are times as a Christian when you will hear our Lord’s
voice or know His thoughts as He reveals Himself along the way as you journey through this life. However, it is a different kind of relationship to be able to find God for someone who is at their wits end and who looks to you for answers. They are expecting you to seek God and His righteousness on their behalf until you find the answers which bring resolve to their problems.
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33).
The responsibility is heavy. Everything within you truly rests on your God given ability to know what He is revealing and what will work. Turning a crisis moment into a wonderful testimony is priceless. Just because you hear God’s voice regarding what to do is not enough. This is where all the years of training under the direction of the Holy Spirit are needed before one can be certified as a prophetic elder. Through all the times the Spirit of God has set you up, placing you in between the rock and a hard spot is where you learn how to know what He means when He speaks or reveals His answers to you. Most of the times the answer does not come all at once; it will come in stages. Ultimately, He will lead you into a direction that will eventually open the way for you to get out from under your troubles. It is like you are caught in a maze, blinding you by all the walls, creating obstacles of confusion that keep you from finding your breakthrough. One wrong turn could leave you staring at a dead end with nowhere to go.
Have you ever been at a place in your life where there was no room to make another bad choice? This is your last chance and you must know what is at the end of the path before taking another step. This is when you need to find someone who has already taken this journey and can tell you what is at the end of the road. In prophetic circles we refer to this valuable insight as a “Word of Wisdom“. (1 Corinthians 12:8)
After years of helping others find their answers you discover it’s all about finding God’s hiding places. No one’s problem is exactly the same as another’s. Therefore, each maze has a unique set of parameters and it will require a new approach- a divine map that has not yet been created. At times you feel you are playing a very serious game of hide and seek with God Almighty and the more you play it the more of His hiding places you can add to your list to check the next time you go seeking Him. This is how you learn to develop your ability to strengthen your prophetic gift that gives you the prophetic insight to see more accurately around the corner of tomorrow. With each answer and correct interpretation you gently navigate that person through the process of praying, hearing and obeying until you have victory delivering them from hopelessness into the light found at the end of the tunnel.
There is much being proclaimed by ‘name brand’ prophets today who are warning us that more troubles are ahead of us. Isn’t the trouble you are already that matters the most to you? Now is the year to ‘WORD-UP’ and not give up. If you find His Word you have found the answers to all your troubles.
Amen, so be it!
If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you,you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.
(John 15:7)

Written by, Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet


Angels of Destruction

Angels of Destruction

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‘An Old Plow Preparing the Way’



After resigning from my position as bank president, I used all my savings and spent the next 2 years going wherever the Holy Spirit led me. I tried to enroll in various bible colleges, but the Holy Spirit quickly let me know that was not for me. I had been enrolled in His school of hard knocks. My spiritual education would come via tests, trials and tribulations. I was learning how to live this life following the Spirit and I could not see and found it very difficult at times. My first quest was in learning how to interpret His signs, visions and words. There were times it was almost impossible to understand Him or know what He was saying. Oh, I could hear Him but I still did not fully understand. Each time He revealed something to me I considered it a test, and each time I missed the mark I would have to go through all kinds of trials and tribulations until I understood where I went wrong. I continued to learn his ways, and eventually I begin to understand His thoughts and His way of thinking. I can see how easy it would be to stop following the Holy Spirit because it is not always an easy task.
I recall one day I came home from a Full Gospel Business Men’s meeting and I turned on the TV. Immediate, a commercial came on that I had never seen before. It was an advertisement from the psychic network, telling people to call the 1-900-psychic hot-line to receive a reading. All of a sudden, Holy Spirit said to me, “I want you to do that.” I did not understand what He wanted me to do for sure. I knew He wasn’t telling me to become a psychic, for my calling was to become a prophet and it was confirmed many times through various signs and the Holy Scriptures. This task was a new test and it was a big one. The Holy Spirit had me in a place that I did not quite understand. It wasn’t until I was halfway through the process that I began to grasp an understanding of what He wanted me to do. This bold direction the Holy Spirit gave me took three years before it came to pass. I was to come against the psychics, for His words were, “How long must I endure the silence of my prophets?” What the Holy Spirit meant by this was the prophets were not making themselves available for the Holy Spirit to speak through to those outside of the body of believers. Therefore, the lost people and Christians alike were seeking psychics for answers about things that He wanted to address through His prophets.
When I called the phone company to check on how much a 900 number would cost I was shocked to find out that just the deposit was $15,000. There were also a series of questions that I would have to answer and then they would decide if I was creditworthy enough to set up a 900 number. On top of the deposit, there were additional charges that would eat into whatever offerings we would receive making it difficult to pay all the expenses. The conviction of the Holy Spirit continued to get stronger as the time grew shorter. There were times I could not rest because the Holy Spirit was pushing me to press harder to devise a way to make myself and other prophets available for the people to contact and receive a word from God.
Finally, in 1995 I got a 900 number. The number doesn’t work today, but in that day the number was 1-900-Prophet. I was on television during those years, and I stood toe-to-toe against the psychics. I later discovered the Mecca for the psychics could be found on the island of Maui, a part of the Hawaiian Islands. From Honolulu, I did all my recording for the television program encouraging people to call the 900-PROPHET phone number to receive a word from God instead of a psychic. During each program, I covered a number of Scriptures dealing with those who have sought these various types of omen readers, sorcerers, stargazers, card readers and astrologist. We spoke of the curses that would come to whosoever called upon a psychic.

    There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritus, or one who calls upon the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord, and because of these abominations the Lord your God drives them out from before you. You shall be blameless before the Lord your God
    Deuteronomy 18:10-13 (NKJV).

Being I was only one island away from the Mecca of the psychic network many of them came looking for me. Some of them even appeared at churches where I was preaching. They would sometimes confront me after the services, asking me to soften up and not to be so harsh toward what they were doing. I recall one night after preaching on the island of Maui three psychics, two women and a man, approached me and asked me if I would not be so harsh in my preaching against what they do for a living. They said they were doing good things for the people. My reply to them was if you don’t even know what spirit you are hearing from then you’re not doing people any good. They replied that they didn’t have to know where the spirit comes from or how the spirit works, just as long as it was used for good. They continued on using an analogy that they all have a refrigerator, that they do not know how it works but they use it anyway.
Using the same analogy, I replied, “You’re more than a user, you, are the instrument being used by something you know nothing about. You’re being used by a spirit that you should know everything about, because you are more than just a user. If you’re refrigerator repairman you will know everything about that refrigerator inside and out, and you would be a fool to tell people you can help them if you do not know how it works.” They graciously walked away knowing they had not changed my mind and that I would continue to preach the same message until I had fulfilled all God had called me to do.
During those years it was public knowledge that our own government was paying the psychic network $20 million a year for the CIA and other government entities to use when needed. The vast majority of Christians didn’t even think there was anything wrong with this arrangement. However, because of this agreement with our government and the psychics placed a curse on the entire nation.

    For these nations which you will dispossess listened to soothsayers and diviners; but as for you, the Lord your God has not appointed such for you
    Deuteronomy 18:14 (NKJV)

Within the second year of our battle with the psychics, the government ceased to honor its contract with the psychics. I found this to be very interesting: most all of the psychics were very cordial, very polite and did not do anything to harm me or the ministry. However, I cannot say the same for most pastors and church leaders and a few name brand preachers. Because of what I was doing, a large number of preachers and pastors began working toward destroying me and the ministry. They were vicious and did everything they could to get us off Christian television and have Charisma magazine drop our advertisement. They even went as far as to call all the churches where I was schedule to preach and tried to block me from preaching.
Now, you would think the church at large would be behind us and help us in this cause. It was not the case at all! The funny thing is they were most upset about the 900 number. They said that I sounded too much like a psychic because we used a 900 number and that we are offering the callers a Word from God.
Anytime you do what God wants you to do, mark my words, there will always be resistance from the very people you thought would support you. All I was doing was what Holy Spirit wanted. I gave people the choice to seek God’s prophets instead, but much of the church was against it and fought hard to shut our ministry down.
Still today I find myself breaking hard ground, dealing with issues that should be simple to understand, yet because of old traditions and religiosity we still have to spend so much of our time battling our own brothers and sisters to do God’s work at the same time we all cry out for unity, ‘go figure’.
This one thing I’ve learned about being a plow, the ground must be fertile before the seed of the prophetic word can be planted and take root. When I look into my rear view mirror I see that a lot of hard ground has been ripped wide open and when I peer around the corner of tomorrow I see many others who have come behind me, sowing His Prophetic Word into the souls of those who need to know who they are in Christ Jesus. Then, when I look even further, I see Ministers of the Harvest coming behind those who have sown the word of God. They will be harvesting from a field that has been proven to be good plowed ground to sow into.

Written by, Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet


Angels Judging Humans

Angels Judging Humans

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Jesus & His Angels


Jesus, by His Spirit

Jesus is not only our Savior and Lord, but also our mentor and teacher through His Holy Spirit. He is our King and our example. Even so, when Jesus came to earth, it took Him three and a half years to show His disciples how to walk in the supernatural with evidence through signs and wonders. While here, He was able to receive the encounter of miraculous interventions. Jesus did many healings and many miracles, in many different ways.
Sometimes Jesus would spit in the dirt, make mud and place it on a blind man’s eyes. Other times He would put His tongue upon them. It is written that He would even spit directly on the blind eyes. You do not see these same types of ministries today because it is not socially acceptable.
How did He know what to do in order for miracles to manifest? Jesus has shown us how. First, He prayed to the Father and whatever the Father told Him to do, Jesus did it. And it always worked, 100% of the time.

You are Gifted Whether you are Aware of It or Not

Today we want to see 100% accuracy in the gifts of the Holy Spirit moving in the body of Christ. The world needs to see the evidence that Jesus is alive and working through His body, the Church. We are each members of the body of Christ, and each of us has a function and purpose. We all have a gifting whether we are aware of it or not. The gift is there, even though it may lay dormant for a long time.
We need to be aware of how Jesus moved and walked. The things Jesus did were done according to the Will of the Father. He said, “I do nothing of my own authority. I speak what I hear the Father say.” This is the true Christian way. His works while on earth were demonstrations of what we are to do. We may even perform greater works than He, according to John 14:12. Many times Jesus would pray to find out what the Father had to say, and when Jesus prayed there were angels ascending and descending upon Him giving Him instructions from Heaven above. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” That means we need to find out first from Heaven what needs to be done. When we find out what it is that we are to do, nothing can stop us because the authority of His Word is working through us.

Angels of Our Lord

When Jesus was born in a manger, there was an army raised up to find him. Every child two years old or under was to be slaughtered because King Herod heard that a king was born and Herod feared losing his position.
An angel appeared unto Joseph and Mary and warned them to leave the city, for King Herod sought the life of their newborn Son. They left the city and stayed away for a number of years. Then an angel appeared to them again and let them know that it was safe to return, for King Herod was dead. This was just the beginning of many encounters with angelic hosts in the ministry of Jesus Christ.
When Jesus stood before those who were to judge Him, Pontius Pilot said to him, “Do you not know that I hold your life in my hands? I can give you life or I can take it.” Jesus replied that Pilot did not know what he was talking about. He had 12,000 angels at His disposal. Upon His word, the angels could have destroyed everything.
When Jesus walked into a city, people came from everywhere to seek Him. Jesus did not have to advertise His presence. People just showed up in the middle of nowhere because the angels of the Lord gathered them. Many times Jesus could not find a place to be alone so that He could seek the Will of the Father. These encounters are important to us because they are examples of how our lives should be. We are not to worship or pray to angels, but they are there as ministering spirits for us.

Angels, His Ministering Spirits

Ministering spirits are angels sent to minister, not to us, but for us. When you came into the Kingdom of God, an angel was appointed unto you. When you gave your life to Jesus Christ, it is recorded in the Gospels that an angel went before the face of God and reported your name to Him so that it could be written into the Lamb’s Book of Life. These ministering spirits are waiting for you to yield unto the Will of Jesus Christ, that He may dispatch them on your behalf to minister for you. To each and every one of us there is at least one angel appointed as a guardian to watch over us. But there are more angels that are to be dispatched by the Word of God. Jesus had 12,000 angels at His disposal and they ministered for Him. And He says, “Greater Works you will do” in John 14:12.
If you have more than one angel, you may find something is working in your life that you truly could not have done on your own. You do not have the intellect to comprehend what God will do through you as He appoints an angel to minister for you. There are testimonials of people who knew they were supposed to die years ago. Their lives were spared for a purpose, by angels who were watching over them until their appointed time to be with the Lord.
How do we obtain these angels? How do we receive the appointment of these angels? If we do not pray to them or worship them, how do we get their assistance as promised to us in Hebrews 1:14 NKJV – “Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?”
It all begins with the impartation of a spiritual gift of the Holy Spirit. When you received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, there was a gift appointed unto you. That gift is still there with you. If you look back and recall when you received the baptism of Jesus, not only of the water but the Spirit, according to Act 17, then you will see that there was a spiritual gift given unto you. Maybe shortly after you received the Holy Spirit you prayed for somebody and they were healed. Maybe you had a dream and it came to pass. Maybe you had a vision or a word burning in you for somebody and you could find no relief until you were able to deliver that word. Take a moment and think back. What area of spiritual encounter did your ministering spirit perform through you?
Angels are appointed by the Holy Spirit to minister in accordance with the spiritual gifts that have been imparted into you. For, you see, the angels are the ones who are doing the ministering for you. It is not your own willfulness or power that overcomes the natural so that you can walk in the supernatural. No! It is the angel of the Lord who was sent to do the work for you.

Your Appointed Angel Seeks to do His Word

When Peter was in prison, the congregation was praying for his safe return. An angel went to the prison and kicked Peter to wake him up. Peter asked who kicked him but the angel told him to get his things and then lead him out of prison. Peter came to the house where they were praying for him and knocked on the door. A girl peeped out and saw Peter but did not let him in; instead she went to tell the others. But they replied that it could not be Peter at the door but it must be his angel. Why would they say such a thing?
It should be an effortless deed to walk in the supernatural. An angel is going about seeing to it that the word of God is fulfilled in your life. There are so many references in the Bible about angels. If you were to look up all of the encounters, you would surely be blessed to know that angels are still here ministering for us. An encounter with an angel will set you free. When will your next encounter be?

Written by, Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet


Angels Speaking Divides a Nation

Angels Speaking Divides a Nation

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You Shall Know All Things


The things you have need of cannot always be successfully obtained by human knowledge. That is why God has given us the window of prayer to find answers on how to obtain the things we need. If you have need of anything, you can find out how to get it through the Spirit. When you pray, God will be faithful to send His ministering spirit to bring the revelation of how to obtain your needs.

    But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.Matthew 6:33

One of the recorded events regarding angels interacting with man is that of Jacob’s ladder. This recorded event is biblical proof that angels do co-exist between heaven and earth.
The Angels of the Lord are continually ascending and descending between heaven and earth, delivering messages from and delivering prayers to the throne of God. In a dream, Jacob saw angels traveling up and down a ladder that extended from God’s throne. The angels were making way for the word of God to be delivered to Jacob while he slept. The promise of the Lord was given to Jacob during this dream and Jacob knew when he awoke that God had revealed Himself during this dream. The Lord gave him spiritual eyes to see how Jesus knew and operated in these supernatural gifts by giving him the gift of discerning of spirits (angels).
The New Testament gives confirmation that a similar occurrence took place during the days Jesus, referred to as the the Son of Man, who ministered on earth in the flesh. While Jesus was ministering in the word of knowledge, he gave the gift of discernment to Nathaniel. Now Philip, from Bethsaida, found Nathaniel and told him about Jesus who claimed to be the Messiah. Nathaniel did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah that was prophesied about in the Old Testament. When Jesus saw Nathaniel, He spoke a word of knowledge to Nathaniel telling him He had seen him sitting under a fig tree. Nathaniel knew there was no way that Jesus could have seen him sitting under the fig tree. Because Jesus said He saw Nathaniel sitting under the fig tree he believed that Jesus was the Son of God. The Lord gave him spiritual eyes the angels coming to Jesus and that must have been how He knew and operated in these supernatural gifts.
Jesus answered and said to him (Nathaniel),

    Most assuredly, I say to you, hereafter you shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.John 1:51

In 1995, I was asked to go on television by a friend who worked at LeSea Broadcasting. This pastor and his wife became friends after our visit. They had traveled from Hawaii to Fort Worth, Texas to meet with me to receive a word from the Lord. While we ate dinner in a crowded restaurant, he and his wife began to tell me about all of their problems. They were destitute; they had lost everything and did not know where to go or what to do. I had brought a small tape recorder and a blank tape to record their prophecy.
It was not long before I received the message the Lord had for this pastor and his wife. The spirit told me to tell them to go back to Hawaii; there would be someone there to meet them who would give them a place to live. He was also to go on Christian television and begin to pray for people live over the program. He and his wife flew back to Hawaii shortly after our visit. Just as God had said, they were met at the airport by a friend and he gave them a place to live-rent free. The second part of the prophecy was fulfilled within weeks of their returning home.
This man had no money; however, he was still able to start a TV program, to be aired weekly. Within the first few months he was unable to pay the expenses for his program and went off the air. Stressed out, he sent in his last $50.00 for a prophecy tape and waited for his word. The word he received started out with; “This very day things will change.”
The day he received his tape, he also received a phone call from the television station. The station asked if he would start up his program again, but this time as a paid employee of the station so that his television program would not cost him anything. What a blessing it was for this family in Hawaii! By the way, the name of the program is “Prayer Line Hawaii” and we do have a few of these programs on video where I appeared on his show and prophesied to callers live over the air.
I have shared this story in order to set the stage on how the Holy Spirit can take you on an awesome spiritual journey.

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Written by, Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet