Robert and Lesa Corbell

Pastors of River of Life in Rusk, Texas
The Revivalist Magazine

Preached to the Corbell’s congregation for the first time in early 1990’s and then I did not have contact with them for a number of years. In June of 2011, my wife, Debbie and I drove a couple of hundred miles one Sunday to visit their ministry and receive prayer for healing. Debbie was prayed for by Lesa Corbell during that Sunday evening service and was healed of fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

Pastors Bill and Teresa Campbell

Bill and Teresa Campbell have pastored New Life Church in Batson, Texas for over 25 years. I have know them for about half of that period of time. They have graciously asked me to ministry over the years so many times I feel my family is part of the congregation. They have been a huge blessing to me personally and professionally they are good friends to have in your heart.

Lisa Walker

Faith Travels

I have known Lisa and her husband Steve for a number of years now and have found them to be true servants of our Lord.

Lisa’s testimony can be heard from her video page on You will be moved by the favor of God in their lives.

Jill Thrift


Jill Thrift has been a Prophetic Partner with us since 1994. Recently, she has teamed up with PMT as one of our Prophetic Wordsmiths. Jill has a very special gifting for writing and her method depicts a new form of Mass Counseling. Through her journaling she shares eloquently her struggles as well has the counseling she has received directly from the Master via the Holy Spirit. I personally have been blessed by receiving from her writing. I believe you will find a tranquil impartation of healing through her words.

Cindy Hyde

The Healing Center

I have not known Cindy Hyde long but after ministering at her place, I felt as though I had known her for years. She has a great personality and truly loves the people of God.

Jay and Melody Smith

I have known Jay and Melody for over 20 years and try to spend as much time as I can around them for they are so inspiring and fun to be with.

We have ministered together many times over the years and we enjoy meeting at IHOP after evening services and talk about old times. They are true friends to everyone they meet.

Kent Simpson and Pastor Gary Langley

Bishop Langley is my Pastor and has been with the Church of God of Prophecy most all his life. He and his wife Amy live in Hawaii where Gary oversees the work of the church in the Pacific Islands.

I try to visit my home church Reunion Church of Hawaii as often as possible, and you probably know why? It’s HAWAII!

Steve Shultz

Founder of Elijah List

I’ve known Kent Simpson as a prophet since 1991. He has spoken many times accurately into my life.

Many years ago, before anyone had heard of the Internet (including me and probably Kent) he prophesied that I would be connecting the prophets by computer. I had no idea how that would ever come to pass.

About two years later (having forgotten this word), I decided to begin to forward to a group of about 30 friends, some prophetic words I was receiving from others, over the Internet. The next thing I knew, and it wasn’t my intention, I started receiving requests to subscribe to my list.

Now two years later, there are close to 3,000 on the list, with a huge number of prophets, prophetic ministries, pastors, and just a huge number of folks. THE ELIJAH LIST grew by about 25 new members a day. Do you think the Lord knew what He was doing, even when I didn’t?

UPDATE: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
“The Elijah List is a non-denominational Christian prophetic website created by Steve Shultz in 1997 with 127,000 subscribers as of March 2006.”

Kent Simpson, who founded PROPHETIC MINISTRIES TODAY, and SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS. I’ve met Kent at one of his seminars in Dallas. He sounds just like a Texan, operates out of Fort Worth, Texas, and flies to a number of countries to speak and train others in the prophetic.

Eugene Olon

Minister of Healing

Gene has a wonderful and powerful ministry of healing and I have joined him in prayer over many people as many were healed of stage 4 cancers and diabetes. He spends half of each year ministering overseas the other half you are blessed if you can find him ministering in someone’s home in the US.

Gene is a man who is so caught up in the Holy Spirit is has very little recognition of his worldly surroundings not driving, losing his keys, laptop, wallet, he really needs a good woman who can steer him through life. He has never married too busy serving God but really needs a wife to help him.