Horn of Favor- Click Here to Read Description

Horn of Favor


The Horn of Favor shall be applied upon those who have been harmed, disrespected, falsely accused or slandered.

Our Father says; “Come to Me with your grievance and plead your case before Me in prayer. Release all your emotions and frustrations. Violently vent your disgruntle feelings upon Me until you have emptied yourself of all vengeance. Then I will take all your anxiety and fear into Myself and send you My word through the Prophet who will tell you what will happen to those who have come against you. I AM your Great Physician protecting you from sickness and disease.”

With this Anointing Oil, the Horn of Favor you will be covered and protected from sickness and disease.

When you have received a bad report from your doctor and begin to have sickness in your body, Father says; “Come to me in prayer report all that has been spoken over you. Tell Me what you are feeling in your body. Continue to pray that the prophet will receive My Word without hindrance. He will inform you how I will take care of you. Send for the prophet’s oil, I will instruct him what needs to be done for you to receive your cure.”

“I AM your Treasure ready to multiply what you have until it’s more than enough.”

Our Father says; “If hard times have knocked upon your door forcing its way in to your life crushing your dreams and trying to take your life scream out to Me in prayer until you know your prayer has been heard. I will mount My Word upon the wings of My Angel sending him like a screaming eagle to the prophet. The prophet shall declare My Word on earth as it has been spoken in heaven. At that time dozens of angels shall be dispersed in search to find your needs through work and by other means for the Horn of Favor shall do its work.

Hidden Treasures- Click Here to Read Description

Hidden Treasures


The prophet Isaiah declares God’s promise to give us His hidden treasures, Apostle Paul unfolds in 2 Corinth 2:14-16 that we are that sweet hidden fragrance of His aroma in the earth, indeed hidden treasures (2 Corinth 4:7).

This anointing oil is made of up of many different essences just as each individual is marked by various unique characteristics. As we humble ourselves before the Lord, the Holy Spirit, Himself, will reveal the fragrance to those seeking according to the Will of the Father.

It is with utmost clarity that we hear what the Father wants to impart to us as we come before Him. It is He who anoints our head with oil (Psalms 23:5) and fills our horn with fresh oil (Psalms 92:10).

This oil is specifically poured for those whose hearts are drawn towards redeeming the lost.

Psalms 91- Click Here to Read Description

Psalms 91


Under the shadows of His wings is truly where we find our hiding place, the fragrance of hyssop and henna are blended which represent the blood.

We know that the Jewish people were instructed to place the blood of the Passover lamb on the doorposts and the lintels to protect them from the destruction and distress passing through the land.

This oil reminds us of God’s covenant promise of safety during times of trouble.

When we stay secure under His refuge, we can trust and rest assured that He will be our fortress in the midst of life’s storms.

This oil was poured to symbolically represent the “Blood of the Lamp” as it offers God’s omnipotent powers to protect.

King’s Garment- Click Here to Read Description

King’s Garment


The Psalmist, King David tells us the King’s Garments are those anointed with gladness and smell of Aloes, Cassia and Myrrh.

These fragrances were blended to make this royal fragrance.

The Aloes signify strength and majesty, the Cassia – humbleness and humility and the myrrh drips with the bitter sorrow of preparation for the cross set before Him.

Still our King of Kings beheld the Will of the Father before Him and chose the way to Redemption.

King’s Garment is an oil that heralds the authority and sovereignty of the King of Glory clothed in majesty. Psalms 45: 7-8.

This oil is poured for those whose desire is to walk in God’s authority with great discipline and humility.

Alabaster Jar- Click Here to Read Description

Alabaster Jar


And we see Mary kneeling at the feet of Jesus, she is bowed low in position, thankful beyond mere words pouring out and wiping His feet with pure spikenard, an expensive perfume and the house was filled with the fragrance of perfume.

It is thought the alabaster jar holding the spikenard was worth about a year’s salary. Clearly she wasn’t asking or seeking anything for herself, it was pure worship.

Many are there the preparations of Alabaster oils in the marketplace, this is merely one the Lord laid on my heart to pour. May it bring the blessing and fragrance of His presence to all who wear it during worship.

To Contend- Click Here to Read Description

To Contend


The Lord says He will contend with him who contends with us (Is 49:25b)…we have a sure word of prophecy that when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will lift up a standard against him (Is. 59:19).

This is an oil that came forth with a clear mandate from His war chest arsenal.

Blended with strong tenacious oil essences which hit the smell senses quite powerfully.

It is heavy with the anointing to give it all over to God.

The enemy recognizes this scent, it is the scent of defeat and retreat for him.

The Lord sends His hosts of angels to do battle on our behalf…the battle belongs to the Lord, in that we rest.

This is oil poured for those who are abiding under the shadow of the Almighty. In His fragrances is preparation for battle, for total purging and cleansing of the atmosphere in which we rest.

Possessing the Gates- Click Here to Read Description

Alabaster Jar


An oil used to decree and declare boundaries, territories, & lies of demarcation for the Lord.

It speaks to trespassers no entry allowed, & has a similar mandate as the ‘To Contend’ oil.

This oil is used to reclaim and restore God’s order over your possessions.

When we need Him to break the strongholds of illegal trespasses, restore stolen dreams, mend broken covenants, & help us to recover lost inheritances, the Possessing the Gates oil is useful.

Quiver of God- Click Here to Read Description

Quiver of God


To be a Quiver of God is a tremendous honor. The process to become a Quiver is rocky to say the least; however, it is necessary. The vessel must be purged of its selfish desires. Like the hunter who goes out stalking his prize, so the Spirit of God goes in search for the one who will make a perfect vessel to carry His prophetic word.

Each one of His straight and pointed words are created in heaven, able to penetrate the hardest of hearts, instantly killing the desires of the flesh. When this selfish want is eradicated, the Quiver begins to see that its job is to carry the arrows of God.

Resting on the back of the Prophet, the Quiver rides through the jungle of life staring into the faces of the lost and hurting, who are frightened. They are afraid but know not why. The demons inside are holding them in bondage fearing the Quiver of the Lord and what it carries. Demons shutter as the Prophet walks by, cringing as it sees the angelic feathers fitted tightly around the end of the arrow to guide these miracle darts of deliverance. The word of God is destined to strike a perfect mark.

When the Prophet arrives and sees his appointed soul, the anointed arrow is selected as the Quiver gives way to the Prophet’s hand. Stretching the bow to the desired strength, the Prophet lets loose of the arrow sending it straight from God’s throne. As the arrow strikes its desired target, the demons begin to wither and fall away, setting God’s chosen free from sin and doubt. Knowing the demon has been cast out, the arrow shouts with great glory, but the Quiver remains quiet. Everyone begins to praise the Prophet, giving credit to the arrow of God’s word. The Quiver, however, does not speak even though it knew before anyone else what was destined to be.

After the great works of God are complete the Prophet makes it back to the place of retreat, back to prayer where it all begins and ends. The Prophet takes off the Quiver and removes the special anointing oil from the shelf. He begins to work the oil, deep in prayer, to keep the Quiver flexible ready to receive more of God’s powerful words. The Quiver is a mysterious part of the Prophet’s gifting for it only knows when to draw the bow.

If it were not for the Quiver the Prophet might send the arrow too soon, forcing God’s precious word to fall to the ground thus displeasing the Master that it missed His mark. Therefore, every Prophet needs this special anointing oil to keep his Quiver youthful, free of blemish and scars. The most important duty of the Quiver is to know from God when it is safe for the Prophet to speak, to make sure not one arrow is loosed from the Quiver or placed on the bow until he is told.

Lion of Judah- Click Here to Read Description

Lion of Judah-Arise & Roar


    Amos 3: 7-8Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets. The lion hath roared, who will not fear? The Lord God hath spoken, who can but prophesy.”


    Rev 5:5And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.”


This oil is not for the faint of heart. My son/daughter (your name) know this oil is called for and ordered by the Lord’s authority and is sent forth for strategic launchings. It is uniquely purposed for this time, it is for your set time. The Lord is sending you forth as an arrow in His hands, you will hit the target each and every time. You will and indeed you must speak as my voice to many peoples, nations, kings and authorities (Rev 10:10). Be not fearful or afraid, obey the voice of the Lord, let the oil be dispersed, allow it to flow as He so directs.

Liberty- Click Here to Read Description



There are those times we all find we simply need a breaker anointing, a no kidding, true miracle to push beyond barriers, brazen walls, brass heavens and insurmountable hindrances to allow us to move forward.

These are times that call for the Bel Perrazim anointing (a place meaning where God demonstrates His power).

King David received in 2 Sam 5:20…the Lord burst upon the head of his enemy like the flood of many waters.

Enough was enough….Liberty is an oil that reminds us that the yoke is destroyed because of the anointing of the Lord.

The fragrances released from this oil represent the spiritual activities transpiring in the heavenliest on your behalf: Manna is being provided, angelic hosts are posted, strength is given to you while the blood is applied and the word of God is mandated.