Who Is a False Prophet?

PASTOR RAS: When I first began to learn about prophecy, nearly 20 years ago, I basically learned how to spell the word. I did not know much about it. I thought then that surely this was the time when the Spirit was going to be poured out and all would prophesy. However, there were about ten years beginning in about 1975 that, in my circles, there was almost never a prophecy given. We then went through a time with the Kansas City Prophets and all the things that happened there. Then in our Fullness Conferences, a couple of years ago, we began to have people like Paul Cain and one or two others who came and gave some teaching and some Prophetic Words. I cannot speak for all parts of the body but even today there is not a real out pouring of the prophetic gift. I believe we may now be on the leading edge of something new. With all that said I want to ask you this question. What is your definition of a false prophet? I know that the answer to this question is a concern to many people.

PROPHET KENT: False Prophets are mentioned a number of times in the scriptures. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that if there are false prophets then there also must be true prophets somewhere. The process of culling them out should not be as difficult as we try to make it.

A powerful Evangelist once wrote a booklet called “Satan’s Evangelist”. He pointed out Hugh Hefner, producer of Play Boy magazine, and Larry Flynt, producer of Hustler magazine and Madam O’hara, as people who have spent a great deal of time and money leading people away from the Lord Jesus Christ. Anyone who leads people into open sin, to believe that sin is okay and has no consequence, or that there is no God so eat, drink, and be merry for nothing is going to come of it, is a false evangelist. The same is true with false prophets.

Turn on your television and you will see 900 numbers offering psychics, tarot card readers, star-gazers and omen readers. These people will not lead you to Jesus Christ. I believe that they are why the Lord is raising up the prophetic in the Church today. Where it is dark it is getting darker and where it is light it is getting brighter. I have been in contact with too many Christians who have called those numbers. They want to know of things to come, but they are indoctrinated so heavily about false prophets that they are afraid to consult a “prophet”. They do not know that they will receive a curse on their life as penalty for seeking a psychic or spiritualist. God is using the Prophets of today to reverse the curse for those who have sought false prophets.

If you come into agreement with the devil or any of his ambassadors you will receive a curse.

I have seen the destruction in these individual’s lives, for Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. What the Psychics say to you may not sound as though it will bring destruction in your life. You may even think they are totally wrong, but those things they said will begin to work in your life, because you came believing in and receiving from them. If you come into agreement with the devil or any of his ambassadors you will receive a curse. The Church must stop judging so harshly those who are attempting to walk out and begin operating in their gifts. Paul said to Timothy in I Timothy 4:14 “Do not neglect the gift that was given unto you through prophecy, and laying upon of hands.” If we are not going to neglect it, we must then learn to perfect it. If we are to learn to perfect it we need a place to operate in it.

You are not suddenly “zapped” and it begins to work in you. It is something you should begin to perfect.

There is no better place than amongst those (I pray) that are gracious and merciful enough to allow people to begin to step out in it, and learn. You are not suddenly “zapped” and it begins to work in you. It is something you must begin to perfect. Everybody has a biceps muscle. They come in all different sizes, depending on how much they are used. They can be massive or they can be almost non-existent, but they are there. It is the same with the gift. It is there, we just need to see it begin to be exercised.

There needs to be an atmosphere for the laying on of hands and prophecy to stir up the gifts in one another, to see that gift manifested. The gift does come in measure. Romans 12 says that we prophesy by the measure of faith. Now, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The scriptures say we know in part and prophesy in part. I am not going to know everything about an individual. I cannot read their minds or see everything that is going to happen in their life. I can only see part and know part. That is why it is good to get a little part here and a little part there, like pieces of a puzzle. The more pieces you get the bigger the picture is and clearer the direction the Word of the Lord is leading you.
Confirmation is greatly needed, because when you hear the Word of the Lord through the mouth of two or more witnesses every word is established. It is obvious when the same word comes from two or three people who do not know that the Holy Spirit is speaking through them and someone else about something that pertains to your life. It prepares you for what is to come. It does not matter if you believe the word, for it will happen if it is the true Word of God.

What is the Word of Wisdom?

PASTOR RAS: So, the Word of Knowledge is like a faith door, and if the people receive it then credibility has been established. Then you can speak that prophetic, fore-telling, word to them. Should an individual look to prophecy for direction in their life?

…a Word of Wisdom will give guidance, direction and has conditions.

PROPHET KENT: No, because prophecy is not conditional. If it is of the Lord it will happen, regardless. However, a Word of Wisdom will give guidance, direction and has conditions. Many people have tried to work out their prophecies. They may have received a Word from God that said that He would be moving them or they would start a new career, perhaps even establishing them in their ministry. They then try to help God fulfill the prophecy. The worst thing a person can do is try to make the prophecy happen.
We live in an instantaneous society, one where everything has to be “nuked in 30 seconds”. We want it now. We, as people of God, must understand that we are people of an eternal God. He is not dictated by time. He does not wear a wrist-watch, and He rarely tells us that we are going to get it tomorrow. Christians are going to have to learn that we are eternal beings that will live for eternity. We must change our mindset and stop thinking that our life is going to be over when we are 80 years old.

It reminds me of Abraham when he received a Word from God that his barren wife, Sarah, would give birth to a son, Isaac. After a period of time the word had not come to pass so they thought, “Well, let’s just jump in and help God a little.” They took Sarah’s handmaiden and gave her to Abraham so that she could conceive a child that they may see the prophecy fulfilled. They could not wait for God’s perfect timing. Remember, Abraham and Sarah brought an Ishmael into their life. Ishmael became a real sore spot in their relationship. Everything began to fall apart until Isaac, God’s appointed son, was born to Sarah. That was the promise, a son of Sarah.

The best thing to do when you receive a prophetic utterance, which deals with things to come…

The best thing to do when you receive a prophetic utterance, which deals with things to come, is to take that Word and write it down or put it on tape. It is important to keep it in its exact form and entirety of word that was given. Then put it on the shelf, listen to it from time to time, and judge it by letting time pass. If it is the Lord, it will come to pass. David had to wait 20 years to become King after Samuel prophesied that he would be King of Israel.

You cannot judge prophecy by your surroundings. David, for example, was hunted like a mad dog by Saul, who was the King. It looked as if there was no possibility of him ever sitting on the throne! God will reveal himself and bring your prophecy to pass in such a way that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you had nothing to do with it. He does this so that you will know with confidence that God has given you this Word and that He will fulfill that Word in you in His perfect timing.

What is the Word of Knowledge?

PASTOR RAS: One thing I see in your ministry, Brother Kent, is that you zero in on an individual. You prophesy directly to that person. I know there are other things you do, but that is what I have seen you do primarily. A person will come to you and you will tell them things about themselves that often only they and the Lord know. In that Revelation of things about themselves it is almost as if their heart opens to receive your word of foretelling or your word of encouragement. How does that work?

PROPHET KENT: When the Lord reveals things to a person (past or present, which is a word of knowledge) it brings them to a place where they can believe. My wife, Andrea, and I often see that when the Lord tells us of things that have happened in a person’s life (word of knowledge) and then they receive their prophecy; they then are able to believe the prophecy will come to pass. One of the things about prophecy that is most difficult for people to understand or believe is that God is going to build them up with a word of such great edification and encouragement. That is what edification is for, building up of men. What God is doing is raising a temple, and we are the living stones. He is taking each stone, as a potter would, and is beginning to mold each of us for our perfect place in this temple.

We have had many people write and say, “Well, I got my prophecy tape, and I don’t know, it sounds a little bit too far-fetched. I just can’t see myself praying for the sick and someone actually being healed. I just can’t see myself getting out of poverty. I can’t see myself… you fill in the blank.” What happens is that over time the prophecy begins to unfold. It will happen whether they believe it or not (if the word is true and from the Holy Spirit).

The Word of Knowledge that we were speaking of, telling of things already happening in a person’s life is the catalyst that helps them to be able to believe.

The Word of Knowledge that we were speaking of, telling of things already happening in a person’s life is the catalyst that helps them to be able to believe. They may say to themselves, “Well, if he was right in what he told me in this area of my life, maybe there is a possibility that he is right about my future. Maybe the prophecy I just received will come to pass. After all he was right about what I did that only God and I know and he did reveal a prayer request I have not told my spouse or my children. God evidently told this individual who is ministering to me what I have been praying. After all, God is answering my prayer through him; therefore, there is a good possibility that the things he said about my future are going to happen, too.

What is Prophecy?

PASTOR RAS: It is a real pleasure to have with me today a prophet, Brother Kent Simpson. I have known him long enough to say that it is good to have this time with you, Brother Kent, and that I trust you, love you and believe in what you do. I wanted to do this interview so that others could hear us discuss together this incredible gift of Prophecy. Joel said in the latter days it would be poured out upon men, women, and children. In times past, it seemed as if we had a real outpouring of prophecy. It appears, however, that in these days we have had an even greater outpouring spread throughout the body of Christ. I thought I would start by asking some basic questions about Prophecy. So, let’s start with what is the definition of prophecy, and what are we speaking of when we talk about prophecy?

PROPHET KENT: I am glad you asked these questions! There is not much opportunity for us (those who walk in the Prophetic) to have someone of your depth and understanding take the time and be inquisitive enough to ask such questions. There is a real need for these questions to be asked. I appreciate that you have taken the time to investigate, to evaluate, and to biblically review the gift of prophecy. I know you have seen the demonstration of all the gifts in operation and realize how important it is that we get a deeper understanding of this prophetic movement in the Body of Christ today.

The definition of prophecy is foretelling, telling of things to come. Many people assume that prophecy is anything you tell them that has to do with their life. They may think it to be something they are presently dealing with, something they have been praying about, or something that has happened in their childhood. That is the gift of knowledge. Hopefully we will discuss this gift and the gift of wisdom later. However, Prophecy deals with things to come. Judging prophecy is something else we need to discuss at some point in this interview.

“But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men.”

1Corinthians 14:3

PASTOR RAS: One of the definitions of prophecy in I Corinthians 14:3 has to do with edifying, encouraging, and consoling. When I look at the definition in this passage, I see another little phrase and I wondered what you thought about it. I think it is Strong’s Concordance that says prophecy is an “inspired speaking”. What does that mean to you?

PROPHET KENT: Well, my understanding of that definition is an inspired utterance by the Holy Spirit to men. In II Peter, the first chapter, Peter says that we have a more sure word, the prophetic word. He says also in this passage that the prophetic scriptures (scriptures dealing with things to come) never came by the will of man but by holy men of God who were moved by the Holy Spirit.

“For prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.”

2 Peter 1:21

This scripture clearly defines inspired speaking not as someone who is a good orator, but one who is a vessel through which the Holy Spirit speaks. You referred earlier to Joel that in the latter day’s young men would prophesy old men would dream dreams and the Spirit would come upon the sons and daughters.

“And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. And also on My menservants and on My maidservants, I will pour out My Spirit in those days. And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth: blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD. And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved. For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be deliverance, as the LORD has said, among the remnant whom the LORD calls” (Joel 2: 28-32).

This scripture would indicate that the Holy Spirit is still giving inspired utterances to God’s chosen vessels today. We really question whether that can happen these days; however, we will find out that it is possible. The Lord is definitely raising up the prophetic utterance in this day.

Should Prophets Be Judged?

PASTOR RAS: Should you judge the messenger who gives a word?

PROPHET KENT: No, God can use anyone he chooses to deliver a word. You must never judge the messenger by his past, where he stands with the Lord or even by what he does. God can use a donkey if he so desires. (Numbers 22: 28) We have no right to decide if God should use a vessel or not. It does not matter how long the messenger has walked with the Lord either. I have seen some individuals come to the Lord and mature and grow spiritually very quickly. Often a young Christian, called to the prophetic, will give a word but because we judge him or her as too young in the Lord we will not receive the word. That can damage the young Christian and make it difficult for him or her to have the confidence to step out and deliver a word the next time they receive one. This will stifle the prophetic from flowing in the Body of Christ. If we are to be fair to the young convert we should give the word time to come to pass before judging it.

PASTOR RAS: What is the difference between an Old Testament Prophet and a New Testament Prophet?

PROPHET KENT: There are those in the main stream of the Body of Christ that say that there is a difference in the powers of an Old Testament and New Testament Prophet. I really do not see a difference in their abilities or powers. The only difference is their message. In the Old Testament prophets foretold of the coming of Christ and the destruction of Jerusalem. New Testament Prophets should build and edify the Kingdom of God. The evidence of power seen in the Old Testament Prophets is seen in New Testament Prophets of today. They have the same gift and calling.

PASTOR RAS: Can a prophecy be changed?

PROPHET KENT: Yes, but only by God. There is an example of a prophecy being changed by God in the Old Testament. God told Jonah to go to Nineveh and prophecy that God was going to destroy their nation. God did not give any conditions to prohibit the prophecy from coming to pass. After receiving the word the King commanded the whole nation to fast and pray, even the animals. God relented and did not destroy them. Jonah was upset and went under a tree and sulked. God asked Jonah, “Are you upset because I did not kill 120,000 people so that you could be right?” God did not care if Jonah looked like a fool. God is no respecter of persons.

PASTOR RAS: What about a person who is immature in receiving a Word?

PROPHET KENT: There is a great need for more teaching on the prophetic in the Body of Christ. People need to be prepared to receive a word, to know what to expect and what not to expect. Experience is the best teacher. Prophecy changes peoples’ lives. It is not something to be feared. Churches need to open themselves up and allow seasoned prophets to teach and usher in this prophetic move of God. This interview alone would indicate there is still so much that the Body of Christ does not understand about the office of a New Testament Prophet.

Should Prophecy Bear Witness with Your Heart?

PASTOR RAS: It has been my belief that when you receive a prophecy to believe it is from God it must be consistent with the scriptures and your knowledge of who God is. Should it be consistent with the way God usually operates in people’s lives and bears witness with your heart? Even if the word is hard to receive something inside the person should say, “Yea and amen.” Should you maybe get council from your presbytery or even your best friend? What is your viewpoint, do you agree with any of these questions?

PROPHET KENT: Well, that is a lot of questions. We could probably spend the rest of this interview discussing these three or four questions. I will, however, try to answer them in the order that you asked them.
In response to your first question, I have seen prophets limit the Holy Spirit in what He would say to a person because he, the prophet, did not want to step outside the bounds of just quoting scripture. If a prophet is just going to limit himself or herself to just quoting scripture he or she might as well quit right now. If that were the case anyone could read the Bible and give someone a word.

Please understand, I am not saying the Holy Spirit will never refer to the scriptures in the giving of a word but He is not bound to just the written word. If He were to tell a person that he was going to have a radio ministry in what chapter and verse would he find that written? However, a radio ministry would not go against the written word or God’s character. If you were to need to know from God whom to marry, where to go to school, what to buy or sell etc. what chapter and verse would give you the answer?

The Lord desires to give you personal direction for your life through the prophetic word. The Church has come to the place that it can now believe what is written from Genesis to Revelation. That is where the Full Gospel movement got its’ name. They believe that everything in the written word actually took place. The Lord is taking us from faith to faith. He is leading His church to the place that we can believe not only what was written but also what is being spoken today. God desires to have a personal relationship with each of us, to commune with us. How are we to be led by the Spirit if we are not willing to hear what he has to say to us today?

…the same spirit that gave us the inspired written words recorded in the Bible is the same spirit that gives inspired utterances to the prophets of today.

We tend to think of the book, the Bible, as the word of God, but Jesus is the Word (John I: 1 – 4). He can speak to you through the written word (Logo) or spoken word (Rhema). I do not mean to take away from the importance of the scriptures. The scriptures help you tune in your ear to the Lord, like a tuning fork. If you think you are going to hear God without reading the scriptures you are going to miss it because you do need the book. My point is this, the same spirit that gave us the inspired written words recorded in the Bible is the same spirit that gives inspired utterances to the prophets of today. A god that does not speak is a god that is dead. Our God is very much alive.

Our Lord has a distinctive character and personality. You learn of them in the scriptures. If you know His character and personality you will know if your word is of the Lord, for a word should always line up with them. God will often use the personality of the prophet to deliver the word but it should still line up with the character and precepts of the Lord. For example, Amos did not prophesy as eloquently as Isaiah did. Isaiah could make many of us appear to be illiterate. Amos on the other hand was just an old farm boy. His delivery may have sounded uneducated but it still had the fragrance and knowledge of God.

There are times when I have received a word I was not sure was truly from the Lord, but I did not throw it away. I simple put it on a shelf and waited. When it did not come to pass I did not go around telling everyone that the one who gave it was a false prophet. We must be willing to extend grace to those who are in the process of perfecting their gift. Remember were grace is given, grace is received.

You cannot judge prophecy with your mind. If the word given was prophetic…then it is in the future, it has not happened yet.

In reference to your second question, I have had people say, “No, that is not me. That is not where I’m going, how can that happen because it does not bear witness with my spirit?” Well, it did not bear witness with their head! You cannot judge prophecy with your mind. If the word given was prophetic (not a Word of Knowledge or a Word of Wisdom) then it is in the future, it has not happened yet. Of course, it may not bear witness with your spirit. Do you think it bore witness with David’s spirit when Nathan prophesied that because of his sin God would bring a sword upon his house? I don’t think so!
There usually is no evidence of any of the word taking place in your life at the time it is given because God has not begun to lead you in that direction. Often a person will try to be something he is not called to be. He is frustrated believing the Devil is hindering him from accomplishing what he believes God wants him to do. He may even have tried to bind the Devil from coming against him, when in actuality he was binding God. The Lord may have been trying to stop him from going in a direction He has not leading him. It could even be a good thing. But if God is not in it, it is dead works (Hebrews 6: 1). If this describes you, you may need to repent.

Finally, I want to address your last question. Should you receive counsel after receiving a word? As a boy Joseph had a dream that he would someday be a great man and that his whole family would bow at his feet. This was a prophetic dream. When he shared it with his brothers they became angry and plotted to get rid of him. We all know that Joseph found himself thrown into a well by his brothers. They did not believe Joseph’s dream but that did not keep it from coming to pass.

There are times when one may need to seek counsel and there are times when it is better to keep your word to yourself. The Bible says that Mary, Jesus’ mother, after hearing all that was told to the shepherds by the Angels of the Lord, kept those things and pondered them in her heart (Luke 2: 17 – 19). She knew if she were to share with everyone she met all the things the Lord had revealed to her before its’ appointed time they would think she was crazy.

I believe that it is very important to record every word I give because I need to be accountable for them. I find that most people cannot remember their word after they receive it. If there is any misunderstanding of the word they can go back and listen to it repeatedly. I do not think it is wise to let just any one listen to your word. They may want to take it apart, dissect it and give their own interpretation. This will only cause confusion and will not affect the outcome of the word what so ever. If it is of God no one can stop it from happening.

The purpose of seeking counsel after receiving a word usually is to judge the word. Paul said, “the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets” (I Corinthians 14: 32). That would indicate that the best person to judge a prophecy is another prophet. To take a word of prophecy and give it to someone who neither operates in nor knows about the gift to judge is like trying to write your name with your foot. It is the wrong part of the body. It is not their calling. It works better if you use the correct member of the body.

Can Prophets be Wrong?

PASTOR RAS: I have something I want to ask you. I know a person who is being trained to be a prophet. He came to me with a word supposedly from the Lord. However, because of self-centeredness or self-glorifying the word seemed disqualified. I am sure he believed the word was from the Lord yet, the word seemed a little contaminated. Do Prophets ever miss? How is an individual to judge that? What is an individual to do who has received a prophecy that really was not accurate?

Accuracy of a prophet is one of the first areas in which he or she will be tested. Only then will his or her prophetic mantle be recognized.

PROPHET KENT: Those are good questions. First, I would like to point out that Prophets do sometimes misunderstand what the Holy Spirit is saying. They sometimes want to add to the word the Holy Spirit has given through them. It is an easy thing to do. Even John, who wrote the book of Revelations, was warned not to add to or subtract from the words given in the prophecy, lest the plagues written therein be added to him. The individual who prophesies must have a great understanding of the Holy Spirit. It is not enough to hear The Holy Spirit you must know what He means, for The Lord’s thoughts are not our thoughts nor His ways our ways. (Isaiah 55:8) Accuracy of a prophet is one of the first areas in which he or she will be tested. Only then will his or her prophetic mantle be recognized.

A prophet must never be arrogant or desire self-edification. He must never appear to be building his own kingdom but rather the Kingdom of God. The gifts of the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers are given for perfecting of the saints. (Ephesians 4:11) They will bring us all to a measure of the fullness of Christ, that the whole body may be joined and knit together. When every joint is working effectively by doing its share it causes growth to the Body. A prophet must come with a heart ready to minister to the saints in love, desiring to see their situation change for good. He will want to seek the face of God for them that they may be delivered from hindrances and bondage’s that hold them. Prophets are merely servants who serve the body of Christ.

In answering your question of what to do when you receive an inaccurate word, as I said earlier in this interview, if an individual receives a word from a prophet and it does not come to pass do not fear him, he spoke presumptuously. God is not going to punish you because you received a word that was wrong which you thought came from a true prophet of the Lord. God is quite capable of dealing with anyone who knowingly gives a false word. I would not want to be in his or her shoes!

Receiving Prophecy

What Does the Bible Say About Receiving Prophecy?

It says clearly in this passage that by following those prophecies Timothy might fight the good fight. Those prophecies were for direction in Timothy’s life.

PASTOR RAS: I have always been fascinated by Paul’s instruction to Timothy about the prophecies made concerning him. “This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare, having faith and a good conscience, which some having rejected, concerning the faith have suffered shipwreck” (I Timothy 1:18,19). It says clearly in this passage that by following those prophecies Timothy might fight the good fight. Those prophecies were for direction in Timothy’s life. Paul indicates that Timothy, because of the prophecies given by the Elders and Presbytery, (I Timothy 4:14) could fight the good fight of faith and could stand up holding on to good faith and conscience.

PROPHET KENT: I am glad you are the one that said that, and not me! Let’s face it, I am on the cutting edge here and a lot of times my face feels like an old plow hitting hard ground. In my position, I must be cautious of the things I say. Even if I was to use scripture such as in I Timothy it would appear as if I was trying to lead people by my words. When you get right down to it, if it is my word, nothing is going to come of it anyway. If it is the Lord’s word, who can stop it?

It is better to go with God’s will for your life than to reject His call.

Timothy could have tried to war against what God said, but it still would have happened. It is better to go with God’s will for your life than to reject His call. I have seen people who have tried to reject their word but it still came to pass.
Paul told Timothy not to neglect the gift in him that was given to him by prophecy and the laying on of hands by the presbytery. The presbytery was made up of seasoned prophets and elders. Men perfected in their gift and established in their calling. They were not men just hanging around giving parking lot prophecies. They were respected by the church leaders and the congregation. Paul told Timothy to follow their words because they came from seasoned ministers who had been established. I would like to add that God gives gifts to men and women alike for there is no male or female in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Judging Prophecy

PASTOR RAS: Brother Kent, I have a personal question I want to ask you. Through the years, I have received some awesome Words. I have recorded and kept them all. How do I discern or judge these words? What do I do to let my heart and mind receive these Words? Some of the Words I have gotten are so high and lofty. I mean, I know myself so how could I ever receive such a Word? How does a person judge a word that he receives?

PROPHET KENT: Okay, I will try not to burst your bubble. You say you have been given great, lofty even grandiose words pertaining to your future. Often, we who are “seers” see something the Lord is going to do in someone’s life that seems so grand. They are often overwhelmed by their word. However, when the word begins to manifest and the Holy Spirit brings the word back to their remembrance they think “That’s it? That’s all there is? This is what the Holy Spirit was referring to?” Their mind pictured what was to happen as something very big and important.

I am saying that what is big or important to God sometimes does not equal what we think of as big or important.

I am not saying that what happened was not big or important. I am saying that what is big or important to God sometimes does not equal what we think of as big or important. As I said earlier, God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are not our ways. We do, however, need to begin to see that God’s way is the best way, for after all He is the very creator of the universe.

… (Apostle Paul) received his calling, from the prophecy given by Ananias.

After Apostle Paul had his Damascus Road encounter, he went to the desert for a time to be taught and prepared for his ministry by the Holy Spirit. When he emerged from the desert he met Ananias, a prophet, who prophesied to him that he would preach to the Jews, the Gentiles and Kings and that he would also suffer much in the name of the Lord. That is how he received his calling, from the prophecy given by Ananias.

Paul probably thought, “Wow, I am going to preach to kings. I wonder how I will get there. Maybe I will go in a caravan of camels with my own entourage of servants. Perhaps the King will come to hear me preach in the synagogue.” But, that is not how it happened. Paul preached to kings alright, but he was in chains and imprisoned. Remember when Agabus took Paul’s belt and bound himself up with it? He then said that the person that the belt belonged to would have the same thing happen to him. The people cried out to Paul, “Don’t go, don’t go.” Paul replied, “I will do the will of the Lord for it is His will that I go.” He knew that part of his calling was to suffer much in the name of the Lord. If he had not gone he would never have stood before King Aggripa. He was summoned by King Aggripa from prison to preach the Gospel of Christ to him.

It is better to never assume anything when you receive a word. Just be patient and wait on God to bring it to pass.

Paul’s road to the palace was paved with prison, chains, beatings and shipwreck. I am sure that Paul never thought he would fulfill the word he received from Ananias in this manner. The reason he could sing praises to God while he was chained in prison was because he knew he was in the perfect will Of God. He knew firsthand that God’s grace is sufficient. It is better to never assume anything when you receive a word. Just be patient and wait on God to bring it to pass.

Judging a True Prophet?

PASTOR RAS: It is amazing to me. With all this, getting Words of Knowledge about people by looking into their future telling something that will happen to them, you are kind of going out on a limb. You are projecting into an unknown area to the lay person. How then, is a person to judge if a prophecy they receive is from a true prophet of God?

God answered this question in Deuteronomy 18:10-:22. If it comes to pass, then it is of God. If it does not come to pass do not fear the prophet that gave the word.

PROPHET KENT: God answered this question in Deuteronomy 18:10-:22. If it comes to pass, then it is of God. If it does not come to pass do not fear the prophet that gave the word. He did not say that he is a false prophet, just not to fear him, because he spoke presumptuously.

A prophet must always remember that he is merely the human being chosen to deliver a word from the Holy Spirit. He must not let his emotions enter his mind so that he will not be influenced by his flesh. It is easy for a prophet because of his compassion to see people healed, delivered, set free from poverty etc….to presumptuously say, “God’s going to heal you!” That is what the prophet wants to see happen. He does not have the authority to say anything unless he first hears the Holy Spirit say it. Even if the Holy Spirit revealed, through a Word of Knowledge to the prophet, a sickness a person may have, it is presumption to go ahead and say, “You are going to be healed.” The Holy Spirit only revealed the sickness. He did not say he would be healed. Our carnal mind, however, wants to say God is going to take care of this matter right now. That is not always the way the Lord does it.

I have had the Lord have me prophesy to a person that he would have to wait for God to send him to another minister to receive his healing. This individual came to a service I was ministering at wearing a battery pack attached to his waist. It sent electrical shocks to his nerve endings in his back to keep them from dying while he recovered from major back surgery. This individual had worked for the electric company reading meters. His job required him to climb and jump over fences. The Jarring of his back while completing these tasks had destroyed five vertebras in his back. Doctors surgically placed two metal rods in his back and told him he would probably never walk again. I told him what the lord had said, that He would send another minister to pray for him. However, my flesh desperately wanted to tell him that he was going to receive his healing that night! The kindest thing I could have done for him was to give him the word from the Lord exactly as I had received it.

Not long after I prophesied to him he attended a meeting where Benny Hinn was ministering. Sure enough, Benny Hinn prayed for him and he was healed. The man has had ex-rays of his back made since the night Benny Hinn prayed for him and the metal rods do not show on the ex-ray. He now works for Benny Hinn’s ministry and has had many opportunities to give his testimony of healing.